Who Is Phalisia From Squid Game The Challenge (Player #229)?

Who Is Phalisia From Squid Game The Challenge (Player #229)?

Squid Game The Challenge‘s Phalisia Boothe’s shocking power move during the second dormitory test won’t soon be forgotten. She was asked to pick three players to eliminate on the spot. First she took out Player 130, aka Jakoben, who had just won an advantage for the next game. Then she turned her sights on the popular Ggangbu Gang alliance. She took down beloved elder Dr. Rick Mercurio (#232) and his mulleted protege Stephen Lomas (#243). It was even more surprising because Phalisia seems to be very gentle and devoted to her family. So, who is Phalisia really? Let’s try to learn more.

Who Is Phalisia Boothe? Podcasts, Leasing Agent Job, Cleaning Company Wife, Daughter, Hometown, LinkedIn

Phalisia with her wife Valerie

Phalisia with her wife Valerie (Instagram).

All the Squid Game The Challenge contestants seem to have some kind of tragic or unique backstory. Phalisia is no different, having shared on the show about how she almost got divorced because of pregnancy struggles. However, she and her wife Valerie are still very much in love and together. The married lesbian couple welcomed little daughter Zayn into the world in 2022. In addition to some lovely baby photos of Zayn, Phalisia has posted a six year anniversary tribute to Valerie on February 24, 2023 on her Instagram. That account has exploded with her exposure on the show, ballooning to 22,200 followers.

“So we tried having kids, um, with IUI, which is intauterine insemination. We weren’t sucessful many times, um, at lesat five. We were on the brink of getting a divorce because it was really hard on both of us. So we took a break on just trying and focusing on us. Getting back to loving one another and enjoying one another, and we got to another point in our life where we were ready. And yeah, we were blessed with a baby girl and she looks nothing like me and a lot like my wife, and it was my egg, and it just works out so perfectly.”

Phalisia has worked as a Leasing Agent in her home of Denver, Colorado, working with Keyrenter Property Management. Recently however, she has branched out to owning her own cleaning company according to her LinkedIn. She proudly lists Key Sweepz LLC as a Black-owned business. If that’s not enough, she’s just started her own True Crime podcast, Paranoid Sisters, about local unsolved crimes and haunted houses. Joining her in this venture is her best friend and “sister’ Sam.

Who Is Phalisia Boothe? TikTok, Age, Zodiac, Tattoos, Show Alliances

Phalisia and Valerie's daughter who the Squid Game The Challenge star says looks like Valerie more than her

Phalisia and Valerie’s daughter who the Squid Game The Challenge star says looks like Valerie more than her (Instagram).

Phalisia is very active on TikTok as well where she enjoys 99,700 followers. She is the create of the Lola Dance, but there are so many Lola Dances on TikTok that it’s hard to know which one is hers. Just a few months ago, Phalisia celebrated her 32nd birthday on August 30th. This makes her a diligent but often very critical Virgo. Her right arm has a very complicated tattoo which extends from her wrist to her shoulder. We can make out some stars near her chest and a few cartoon characters, including Johnny Bravo and Mickey Mouse.


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Phalisia earned a lot of respect on the show for her bold move, but now has a target on her back. She might not survive the Marbles match against her show friend Ashley Tolbert, Player 278. She confided to Ashley in a heartfelt moment, saying ““I just miss my daughter. I just hope that she’s not like – – my daughter’s not thinking, ‘Where’s Mommy?’ I hope she’s just calm… I’m only doing this for her.” But, she has also shown that despite a propensity to cry she can be cool under pressure. With the remainder of the Ggangbu Gang looking to strike back, Phalisia will need to find another team of her own- and fast.

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