Below Deck Season 9 Reunion Episode Filmed: When Airing On Bravo

Below Deck Season 9 Cast Members' Instagram Accounts
Find out all of the Season 9 cast members’ Instagram and Twitter accounts (Screenshot, Bravo).

The Below Deck season 9 reunion episode was filmed on January 16, 2021 and will air on an undisclosed date on Bravo, according to cast member Rayna Lindsey. But what’s the best guess for when the reunion episode will air? To find out, we can look at how many episodes of season 9 remain.

There are three more episodes left still to air on Below Deck season 9 before the reunion episode will play on Bravo. These include: episode 12, “New Stew on the Block”; episodes 13, “Unfinished Business”; and 14 (title not yet released).

Rayna Confirms 3 Episodes Left & Reunion Episode Filmed

Deckhand Rayna Lindsey shares a wealth of information on her Instagram stories about Below Deck season 9. Besides dishing on her allegedly helping NBA players cheat on their partners, Lindsey gives the inside scoop on the show.

According to Rayna, she got a call confirming the Below Deck season 9 reunion episode on Monday, January 3. It was the same day she was on Watch What Happens Live with Bravo honcho Andy Cohen, so she was in the know.

Rayna Confirms Reunion Episode For Below Deck Season 9 Is Happening
My Seanna Deckhand Rayna Lindsey confirms Below Deck Season 9 will have a reunion episode that’s filming and airing dates are yet to officially announced (Instagram).

On Instagram Tuesday, January 4, Rayna said, “Not yet but it’s happening… got the call today.” This was in response to a fan asking if the reunion episode had been filmed yet. Whether or not it will be an in-studio tell-all or video call reunion is unclear at this point. Below Deck season 8’s reunion was hosted virtually due to the pandemic.

On Sunday, January 16, Rayna announced she was two months sober from drinking alcohol. She also let slip that the Below Deck season 9 reunion episode was filmed on the same day in an Instagram video!

“That went really well as well,” she told fans on Instagram about the reunion episode.

“[It’s been a] very up and down day with my emotions,” she added in her video monologue that didn’t elaborate further on how the filming of the reunion episode went.

If the next three episodes air on the next three Mondays, Below Deck season 9’s reunion episode will likely air at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo (the new timeslot for Below Deck) on February 7, in three weeks’ time.

Rayna also disclosed on Instagram at the same time there were four more episodes yet to air.

“To think we have four more episodes of nonsense is crazy…” wrote Rayna on January 4.

She also revealed in her stories that her hooking up with Jake is fake and so is reality TV like Below Deck. Apparently fireworks will continue on the boat, too. Rayna hinted her new roommate is Kaylee, season 9’s new stew and Chief Stew Heather Chase’s friend!

What Andy Cohen Needs To Have Asked Season 9 Crew on Reunion Episode

Now that the Below Deck season 9 reunion episode was flimed, fans have a lot of questions they’re dying to know that Andy hopefully asked the crew.

For Heather, saying a racist slur in front of Rayna will likely have dominated her questions. But, fans will also want to know if she pushed Third Stew Jessica Albert off the plank. Some fans suspect she wanted Jessica gone to help her friend get on the show. Also, was her friend and new stew Kaylee in the reunion episode?

Rayna is a lot like Rocky from Below Deck season 3. Her personality is so strong and dominating that she probably took up a lot of the reunion episode. She promised to confront First Officer Eddie Lucas for setting her up and allegedly saying something disparaging about the LGBTQ community on the show. Andy must’ve asked her about her throuple relationship with Jake and Fraser, too.

Eddie needed to be grilled for his lack of action once her was informed about Heather using the N-word. However, Eddie claims Rayna basically lied about their talk, which he said was 30 minutes and he wanted Heather fired. Hopefully Andy got to the truth in the reunion episode.

Captain Lee needed to answer when he found out about Heather using the N-word and why nothing was done. Below Deck fans will also expect an update on Captain Lee’s health. He missed the first part of season 9 due to his heart condition and had spinal surgery in late 2021.

Andy hopefully asked Deckhand Wes O’Dell if he’s interested in working for Captain Glenn Shephard on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Cohen should’ve also asked Wes what he thinks of his colleague Rayna calling him lazy. Also, what ever happened to his crush on Jessica that he failed to act on?

Chef Rachel Hargrove needed to be asked how hard it was to serve jaw-wired-shut charter guest Chelsea. Her thoughts on the drama of season 9 could also be enlightening.

Jake needed to answer for his promiscuous ways.

Did Captain Sean Make an Appearance on the Reunion Episode?

Also, did Captain Lee’s substitute Captain Sean Meagher make an appearance on the reunion episode? Maybe he could be replacing Captain Lee after his recent health issues. That, or perhaps Andy announced Eddie will be the new captain of Below Deck.

What are some other questions Andy should ask the Below Deck season 9 cast members on the reunion? Leave a comment below!

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