Ben Claims Alissa Gaslit And Bullied Camille On Below Deck

Ben Claims Alissa Gaslit And Bullied Camille On Below Deck

Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby didn’t hold back bashing Second Steward Alissa Humber for her treatment of his love-interest Camille Lamb on Below Deck season 10. Ben claims Alissa bullied Camille by abusing her leadership position in interior on superyacht St. David. Ben made the provocative statements on his Instagram in Q&A responses to Below Deck fans.

This comes on the heels of Camille accusing the Below Deck production of giving her a bad edit on show. At the end of Below Deck season 10’s episode 8 Captain Sandy Yawn fired Camille after Chief Steward Fraser Olender reached his breaking point with his wild fourth stew. Camille drank heavily the two nights prior, including popping open charter guests’ Veuve champagne before finishing her work cleaning cabins.

Camille Drinking On Turn over Day Before Getting Fired On Below Deck Season 10

Below Deck Season 10’s Ben Claims Alissa Was Gaslighting Camille On Show

Below Deck season 10 Stars Camille and Alissa Fighting

“Gaslighting is when you make someone question their own sanity. And I think that’s exactly what Alissa was doing to Camille unfortunately. No one really picked up on it besides me,” Ben said in an Instagram story.

“I think I’m a really good judge of character,” the Australian continued. “So I picked up on it very early on and not many others were on Camille’s side. But Alissa played it very well. She used her rank to her advantage and ultimately against Camille. And look what’s happened. But you’ll have to stay tuned to see how it all plays out.”

Below Deck season 10 Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby answering fans' questions in Australia (Instagram).

Below Deck season 10 Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby answering fans’ questions in Australia (Instagram).

Alissa called Camille racist when Ben previously defended his boatmance buddy, but she didn’t cite any overt racist behavior.

“Legitimately don’t need to explain myself because your opinion is biased but Camille started arguing and having an attitude the very first night. [She] was extremely rude while I just wanted to do my work,” Alissa said in a DM she published on Instagram.

Although Below Deck fans celebrated Camille’s firing, viewers are also calling Alissa a bully.

“I think [Alissa] getting a second stew position has very much gone to her head, and she’s using it against Camille, which is just savage, and it’s not okay,” Ben said in a previous video.

Alissa clapped back by sending him a series of DMs she then posted online.

“Of course after many talks and forgivings and changes to accommodate her, I started to match her energy [because] I’m not gonna sit there and let her scream at me every time she decides,” Alissa told Ben.

Ben Defends Camille’s Attitude On Below Deck

“Ah, look, this is a tricky situation to be in. Yes, maybe she could’ve approached things from a different angle. But ultimately she’s just standing up for herself in an environment where she was constantly getting nos,” Ben said in response to fan’s question about Camille’s bad behavior.

“I mean if you’re in a leadership position, first or second stew, you’re meant to uplift and inspire those around you at your cost. I don’t believe that anyone besides me sat down with her and said ‘hey, what’s going on? Where can we help you do this? Can we help you with something else? What are you struggling with?’ You’ve got to ask people how they are and what you can do to make their day better. As a leader that’s simply how it is,” Ben said.

Meanwhile, Camille’s former boss Fraser still maintains Camille was useless as a yachtie worker. On Watch What Happens Live he could only say “she looked great” when asked to name three things she was good at on the job.

Ben also talked about how he thought Camille was the hardest worker on her last charter. He said she deserved to stay on the boat. “It’s a shame how things have happened.”

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