Ben From Below Deck Season 10: IG, Age, Birthday, Tattoos, More

Ben From Below Deck Season 10: IG, Age, Birthday, Tattoos, More

Below Deck season 10 Deckhand Ben Willoughby didn’t go under the radar for very long on the show. By episode 2, he was getting a lot of attention from women crew members, specifically Camille Lamb and Alissa Humber. The Australian athlete is a world traveler who loves to have a good time. He’s sure to bring some excitement to the charter season in Saint Lucia on superyacht St. David. Here’s everything fans need to know about Ben from Below Deck season 10.

Below Deck Star Ben’s Instagram, Age, Birthday & Favorite Sports

Below Deck Season 10 Deckhand Ben Surfing In Australia

Below Deck season 10 Deckhand Ben Willoughby surfing in Australia (Instagram).

Ben Willoughby’s Instagram reveals he’s a big-time athlete. He’s competitively competed in water polo, rugby, swimming, and soccer. He’s also loves wakeboarding, skateboarding, skydiving, surfing, snowboarding, golfing, and riding his motorcycle. He grew up surfing on the Gold Coast, Australia, with his mom, dad, brother and pet dog. It’s little wonder why Camille was instantly attracted to Ben, then. The southern American disclosed she likes athletes and her ex boyfriend is a famous football quarterback.

In episode 3, Ben talked about growing up half Aboriginal Australian, and how his family moved to the Gold Coast so him and his brother wouldn’t be questioned about their darker skin color.

Ben playing soccer (football)

Ben is age 27 according to his Facebook, and he celebrates his birthday on April 6. That makes Ben’s zodiac sign is Aries, which explains his extrovert and charming nature. While filming Below Deck season 10, Ben was age 26.

Below Deck Season 10 Star Ben With hIs Family

Below Deck season 10 star Ben with his family (Instagram).

Ben studied at Griffith University, in Queensland, Australia. While studying there he played on the varsity water polo team.

Ben With Water Polo Teammates

Below Deck star Ben Willoughby with water polo (Instagram). teammates Ins

Ben’s Yachting Jobs & Travel Before Starring On Below Deck 

Ben scuba diving with a whale shark in the Galapagos, Ecuador

Ben scuba diving with a whale shark in the Galapagos, Ecuador (Instagram).

The bodybuilder Australian is a globetrotter. He’s toured in places like Bali, Indonesia, London, UK, Paris, France, Sumatra, Maine, places in Canada like Toronto, Montreal, the Rockies in British Columbia, Mexico, the Bahamas, Panama, and the Galapagos Islands. He also loves hip hop and dance music, attending an Avicii concert before the DJ died. Ben was also in Canada for the Raptors NBA championship win in 2019.

Ben started working in the yachting industry on a superyacht in the Mediterranean in France in 2020, following in friends footsteps according to Bravo. Since then he’s worked on a few boats, including motor yacht Triple Seven. He even ended up in a snowy Maine in November. Ben even briefly worked with Below Deck season 10 Chief Stew Fraser Olender before they filmed the show last year.

Deckhand Ben Working On A Superyacht In Maine

Deckhand Ben working on a superyacht in Maine (Instagram).

Ben previously worked on boats as both a deckhand and personal trainer. He works out almost daily.

Ben’s Boatmance With Camille On Below Deck Season 10 & Tattoos

Below Deck Season 10 Star Ben showing off some of his tattoos on his right arm

Below Deck season 10 Star Ben showing off some of his tattoos on his right arm (Instagram).

Below Deck Season 10 Trailer Camille & Ben Kissing In Boatmance

Below Deck Season 10 trailer shows deckhand-stew Camille & deckhand Ben hooking up in a hot-and-heavy boatmance (Bravo).

Before going on the show, Ben had a girlfriend that he says he lost to alcohol and drugs. He said he decided to go into yachting after he has his heartbroken. Camille, who Ben clearly has a relationship with on Below Deck season 10, also got burned in her previous relationship with a football star. She claims he cheated on her “many times” and made her into a laughing stock. Although the two appear to have a fiery romance on the boat, they don’t appear to be dating anymore. Alissa also pursued Ben at the start of the season, but he was attracted more to Camille from the start.

Ben’s a huge fan of tattoos and continues to add more to his body. On his back upper right arm he’s got two tattoos, one of a bird and another of a man kissing the a woman with cigarette. The latter tattoo has the caption: “I DREAMT OF YOU IN COLOURS THAT DON’T EXIST.”

More Of Ben's Tattoos

More Of Ben’s Tattoos (Instagram).

Ben also has several tattoos on his arms. He’s got a couple of word tattoos on his biceps and he was two tridents on his right shoulder and a heart on his left one. More recently, after the show aired, Ben got a couple more tattoos. He took a video of him getting a tattoo on his left arm that is an eye. He also got another tattoo of a ship with a caption reading, “CHART YOUR OWN COURSE.”

Australian Ben Willoughby's Ship Tattoo

Australian Ben Willoughby’s ship tattoo (Instagram).

Ben's New Tattoo After Below Deck Season 10

Deckhand Ben’s new tattoo after Below Deck Season 10 (Instagram).

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