Below Deck: Biggest Yacht St. David Vs. Captain Lee’s My Seanna

Below Deck: Biggest Yacht St. David Vs. Captain Lee's My Seanna

Below Deck season 10 premiered on Bravo on Nov. 21 and Captain Lee Rosbach‘s back with a new crew and the biggest boat yet. Superyacht St. David is a grander motor yacht than any other boat Captain Lee has commandeered before. Although My Seanna is Captain Lee’s favorite boat from the show, he’s also impressed by the biggest yacht St. David in Below Deck history. Here’s how St. David compares versus My Seanna.

“It’s a big boat. Calf muscles are going to be burning. It’s 197 feet, a 1,093 tons. The state rooms are bigger, the hallways are longer. We’ve got an extra deck, that’s another flight of stairs,” Captain Lee said about the new Below Deck season 10 motor yacht St. David.

How Biggest Yacht St. David Compare In Size To My Seanna From Below Deck Season 9

Motor yacht My Seanna from Below Deck seasons 6, 8, and 9 (Bravo).

Motor yacht My Seanna from Below Deck seasons 6, 8, and 9 (Bravo).

Superyacht St. David actually isn’t a whole lot bigger than My Seanna, the superyacht used for entertaining charter guests Below Deck seasons 6, 8 and 9.

St. David is 197 feet long, compared to My Seanna’s 185 feet. However, the beam, or width of the boats, is significant. My Seanna, now renamed Starship, is 29.6 feet at its widest point while St. David’s beam is 34.1 feet. St. David gross tonnage is 969 tons (Captain Lee was a little off) versus My Seanna’s 703 tons. St. David is a little newer, built in 2008. My Seanna is 21 years-old, built in 2001.

St, David can also go faster at a max speed of 17 knots compared to My Seanna’s 15 knots. Both superyachts have 6 cabins for guests, but St. David can fit 14 crew members instead of 11. St. David has a dance floor, while My Seanna has a helipad.

St. David’s Water Toys Compared to My Seanna’s

Superyacht St. David is partly bigger so it can fit a bunch of water toys. The boat includes a Yamaha GP 1300 WaveRunner and one other jet ski, waterskis, two Cayago F7 SEABOBs, wakeboards, scuba diving equipment, kayaks, fishing gear, inflatable water toys, and two tenders. My Seanna only has one tender. St. David currently doesn’t offer a waterslide, so maybe the deck crew in Below Deck season 10 will be lucky.

How Much It Costs To Charter St. David Versus My Seanna

On Below Deck, charter guests pay less renting a yacht for a few days than a typical yacht charter. Chartering a yacht is typically a one-week trip. St. David costs $333,000 USD to charter for a week on the low seasons in summer and winter. On the high seasons, a charter on St. David will cost you a cool $354,000!

Perhaps motor yacht Starship (previously My Seanna) is more in your price range. A week chartering My Seanna is $275,000 throughout the summer season and the low season in winter. The high season in winter costs $315,000.

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