Love Is Blind Fans Bash Raven’s Friend For SK Breakup TikToks

Love Is Blind Fans Bash Raven's Friend For SK Breakup TikToks

Love Is Blind season 3 fans are finding it distasteful how Raven’s friend Macole Moody reacted to the cheating allegations against SK (Sikiru Alagbada). On Sunday, Macole posted three short TikTok videos talking about two women claiming SK may have cheated on her best friend since childhood Raven Ross. Raven’s friend in the videos laughs and appears to be enjoying she was “right” about her doubts on SK after meeting him on the show.

Raven and SK announced their breakup in a joint statement late Sunday after new cheating allegations were released on TikTok by another woman on Friday. Both women deleted their videos on Sunday.

Love Is Blind Stars Raven & SK's Breakup Statement Posted ON Instagram

Love is Blind season 3 couple Raven and SK released a joint statement saying they were breaking up, but they won’t be talking about it because of “on-going legal proceedings” (Instagram).

In her first TikTok video, Macole talks directly to SK. “Yeah, so SK, you were at the lunch talking about how you were so ready to get married. Y’all worked out a budget. This isn’t giving me those types of vibes, when you do stuff like that to people.”

She told fans she felt like SK had an “undercover life” when she met him on the show. Macole explained that’s why she had a stink face the entire time she met SK. She said something wasn’t sitting right with her and that’s why she said what she said.

Raven's friend Macole laughing at SK allegedly getting caught cheating on the Pilates instructor (TikTok).

Raven’s friend Macole laughing at SK allegedly getting caught cheating on the Pilates instructor (TikTok).

“He really had you all fooled [laughs]. And I’m here to say I told you all, [bleeping] told you all,” Macole said at the end, smiling.

Fans Bash Raven’s Friend Macole For Talking About Her Relationship With SK Amidst Cheating Allegations

Macole continued to post two followup videos on her TikTok (which only has the three videos on Raven’s relationship drama).

“I’m always going to say what’s uncomfortable. I don’t like sitting at a table full of people and we’re not addressing the elephant in the room. Don’t have me at no awkward tables. I don’t like having awkward dinners, I love eating as you all can freakin’ see on the show,” she said in the second video. “I knew, something in my gut was literally saying this man is fraud,” Macole continued. “But I was the villain. The bald-headed girl was the villain.”

Fans dragged for Macole for speaking out about her friend Raven’s relationship ordeal.

“With friends like you… who needs enemies? Honestly, this betrayal would hurt me more than what any man could do,” said one TikTok user in the comments.

“I didn’t think you were the villain because honestly I forgot about you,” another fan of Love Is Blind season 3 said.

“But why speak about it before your best friend does?” said another.

In the final TikTok video Macole laughs at the start and has a picture of SK with his alleged ex.

“You’re getting way too much enjoyment out of this for Raven to be your friend,” said one fan in the comments.

“This is just a really terrible plot twist that I did not want to happen, for sure,” Macole, 27, said near the end of the video. She said she felt sorry for the woman accusing SK and for her friend Raven.

Raven’s other best friend Aliyah hasn’t commented on all the drama.

Macole’s Instagram shows she’s a licensed esthetician and owns her own skin care and yoga business called Skin Sculpt Spa. She’s now based in Chicago after moving from Dallas.

Meanwhile, SK hasn’t directly addressed the allegations of being unfaithful. He turned off comments earlier in the week on his Instagram when the first cheating allegations came out. Raven deleted her relationship pictures with SK Sunday afternoon before the couple announced their breakup. It’s still unclear what exactly they meant by “on-going legal proceedings” in their joint statement.

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