Love Is Blind’s SK: IG, Age, Nigerian Background, Job, Education

Love Is Blind's SK: IG, Age, Nigerian Background, Job, Education

Love Is Blind‘s SK (Sikiru) Alagbada is probably one of the Netflix reality TV show’s most eligible bachelors from season 3. SK impressed “smoke show” Raven Ross right from the get-go with his keen intellect and high-status job. SK comes from a very big family of 19 kids and his dad is the patriarchal master with multiple wives. From the outset SK let Raven know about the Nigerian custom of polygamy (where a man has more than one wife) that his father practices, but that SK doesn’t agree with the cultural norm back in his home country. Although he won over Raven, and she chose him over Bartise Bowden, it looks like the engagement could be challenged after Bartise likely ditches Nancy Rodriguez. Before we find out what drama unfolds among the cast, here’s everything fans need to know about Love Is Blind‘s SK.

Love Is Blind‘s SK’s Job & Business Student At Berkley

Since filming Love Is Blind season 3, SK continues to work as a data engineer for JPMorgan Chase, according to his LinkedIn. Before that, he worked for General Motors. He attended Baylor University from 2010 to 2014 where he got his Bachelor of Science. He’s now attending University of California’s Berkeley business school and intends to work in early-stage venture capital investing after getting his MBA. While completing his under grad, SK worked as a real estate agent to pay for his schooling.

SK left Nigeria at the age of 19 and moved to Poland. From there, he eventually moved to America. SK told his school’s newsroom that he still speaks some Polish and three other languages. Despite going to school for his MBA, SK managed to juggle his studies, working fulltime and going on a reality TV show.

SK’s Age, Birthday, Instagram, Hobbies, Nigerian Family

Love Is Blind‘s SK’s Instagram reveals he loves traveling to places like London, Ireland, Poland, Aruba, Florida, Washington D.C. and many other places around the world. He’s also close with his mom and younger brother. It appears Raven is uncomfortable when eating a Nigerian meal with SK’s family on Love Is Blind season 3. SK’s mom expects her to follow the Nigerian custom of eating with her hands. Also, it turns out SK never watched the reality TV show before signing up for the love experiment, but his mom is a huge fan.

SK’s birthday is on November 3 so he just turned 36 years-old. He was age 34 on the show. SK’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, which explains his passionate and hard-working determination. SK and Raven have the biggest age gap of any couple from Love Is Blind season 3.

In his spare time, which he doesn’t have much of, SK likes to cook traditional African food. He also enjoys playing Scrabble, tennis and soccer.

SK’s Relationship Status With Raven After Love Is Blind Season 3 Ended

Are Raven & SK Still Together After Love Is Blind Season 3

Fans are wondering if Raven & SK are still together after Love Is Blind season 3. Did they get married or break up (Netflix)?

Raven’s Instagram appears to show she is focused on promoting her Pilates and fitness instructor business on YouTube and TikTok. The fitness and nutritional food influencer doesn’t appear to be wearing a wedding ring in her recent posts. SK appears to be busy studying and working in California, while Raven lives in Dallas, Texas. All signs point to their relationship ending, although they do make it to wedding day, as the previews tease. Whether or not they went through with the wedding remains to be seen, but it doesn’t appear the couple lasted. A new batch of Love Is Blind season 3 episodes come out on Wednesday, November 26th. Perhaps these episodes will give us a clearer picture of where Raven and SK’s relationship  went.

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