Below Deck: Barbie Is Shading Xandi Taking Xanax When Clapping Back At Ben

Below Deck: Barbie Is Shading Xandi Taking Xanax When Clapping Back At Ben

Below Deck season 11 star Ben Willoughby took shots at co-star and yachty stew Barbie Pascual‘s work capabilities in one of many Instagram stories for a Q&A, where he mostly complained about production giving him a bad edit portraying him as a villain. No shrinking violet, and definitely not one to let anyone walk over her, Barbie was having none of it. She replied to his Instagram story by pointing out her work experience and questioning Second Stewardess Xandi Olivier‘s work ethic. Barbie is shading Xandi taking Xanax for her anxiety, too.

Throughout the first several charters, Barbie worked on service, dealing with Below Deck season 11’s demanding and rude charter guests. Meanwhile, Xandi stuck to housekeeping, where she tried to teach a struggling Cat Baugh the ropes until the Californian orphan quit. Since the show started airing, Barbie hasn’t hidden the fact she’s no fan of Xandi. Back at the end of February on Watch What Happens Live, the Argentinian diva said she’ll never be texting Xandi again and they haven’t talked since the show. On the Juicy Scoop podcast, where Barbie defended Jill Zarin, she also said she’s not a fan of the South African stew.

Not that Xandi will lose any sleep about Barbie not liking her, as the feeling is mutual. On episode 11, Xandi said she’d help Barbie pack if she wanted to quit working on superyacht St. David. However, Xandi probably doesn’t take kindly to Barbie now bashing her work ethic and use Xanax all at once. It’s all a shame, too, because Barbie and Xandi bonded over their divorces earlier on in the season.

Barbie isn't putting up with Ben claiming Xandi was a better worker on Below Deck season 11

Barbie isn’t putting up with Ben claiming Xandi was a better worker on Below Deck season 11 (Bravo).

Barbie Is Shading Xandi Taking Xanax & Questioning Her Work Ethic

A fan on Ben’s Q&A asked the bosun, “Being so close with Xandi, did you think the way she spoke about Barbie was fair?”

“To an extent, Xan is a chief stew off the show. She knows the interior department so well, she carried the interior team as Barbie didn’t know housekeeping or laundry. Although they were understaffed and tensions rise quickly. Just a personality clash,” Ben responded.

Barbie wasn’t having it. Despite admittedly being a spoiled rich daddy’s girl, the brunette beauty still works extremely hard at her job. Even Chief Steward Fraser Olender — who wanted Barbie fired — had to admit to Captain Kerry Titheradge she was great as a stew. And somehow Ben managed to insult Fraser, too, saying Xandi carried the team despite the Brit being the head of interior.


“[The] only thing she carried was a Xanax… I’ve been yachting for six years, I OBVIOUSLY know housekeeping and laundry,” Barbie clapped back at Ben on her Instagram. “Ben, put down your phone. Dragging the entire cast [cry laughing emoji].”

On the show, Xandi was open about having a Xanax prescription. She’s suffered from serious anxiety issues for years. She even joked on Below Deck season 11 about wanting Barbie to take one because of how she was constantly moving around like a spinning top, wasting energy and not actually being that productive at her job.

So far Ben and Xandi haven’t responded to Barbie’s latest comeback. Xandi and Ben’s flirting on the show may foreshadow more happening between them later in the charter season. That possible scenario could explain why Xandi was hysterically crying in recent previews, as well as Ben’s love-interest, Sunny Maquis also crying for some reason.

Barbie May Return For Below Deck Season 12, While Ben May Get Rejected For Another Season

Xandi talking about the brotherly-sisterly relationship Ben and her have

Xandi talking about the brotherly-sisterly relationship with Ben (Bravo).

“Not enjoying this season due to a number of factors. I never [want] to step foot on St. David again under those circumstances,” Ben wrote in response to what was his low point.

Meanwhile, some fans suspect Ben’s latest tirade against show production may be due to him not getting called back for season 12.

“There’s too much that isn’t seen. I’m at a crossroads as the [sic] whether the truth needs to be told or I don’t let this consume me anymore,” Ben wrote. It’s quite the change in tune from the Australian yachty in his second season on Below Deck. Earlier on in the season he was enthusiastic and promoting the show in interviews. Ben has now apparently soured on the show.

“The way Ben spoiled future episodes by talking about Sunny being lead deckhand before that episode aired, and some of the other stuff that he’s been posting recently… it all makes it look like he wasn’t invited back for the next season and he’s salty about it,” a viewer wrote on Reddit.

Below Deck Down Under season 3 wrapped up filming several weeks ago. It looks like it bumped Below Deck‘s typical filming time in the year, so season 12 is likely getting filmed now or soon. Captain Kerry on X/Twitter Barbie could be coming back for another season.

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