Below Deck S11: Barbie’s Rich Dad, Lifestyle & Family Explained

Below Deck S11: Barbie's Rich Dad, Lifestyle & Family Explained

Self-described “daddy’s girl” Barbara “Barbie” Pascual admitted she’s spoiled by her rich Argentinian father while on Below Deck season 11. She grew up in the lap of luxury in Argentina’s capital city Buenos Aires. Barbie, age 29, lives a life of privilege, getting to fly private, travel the world and stay at the ritziest hotels, and wear the latest, most expensive designer clothing and accessories. So, who’s Barbie’s rich dad, family, and how does she afford her ultra rich lifestyle?

Similar to Chief Steward Fraser Olender, Barbie comes from a very wealthy family. Her family’s wealth allows her to live a luxurious lifestyle most could only dream of having. Certainly Barbie makes good money working as a stewardess yachtie, but Bravo and superyacht pay don’t cover all the bills her extravagant and pampered lifestyle cost.

On Below Deck season 11’s previews and premiere, Barbie explained how she comes from a well-off family.

Barbie living in Barbie's rich world where she flies on private jets courtesy of her wealthy father

Barbie living in Barbie’s rich world where she flies on private jets on her dad’s generosity (Instagram).

“I’ve been yachting for six years. I come from a good family, but my dad always taught me to work. ‘And then with your money, you buy all the stupid [bleep] you like,'” the Argentinian brunette said about how she affords he expensive Chanel and Louis Vuitton purses.

“This bracelet’s tip money. This bracelet’s hard work, OK? You can’t take it away from me. No man gave me this. Not my father. I hustled this,” she said, showing off her very expensive Cartier bracelet.

“I grew up with three nannies. One would cook, one would clean, and one would do my hair. I’m from Argentina and I’m a huge daddy’s girl, for sure.”

Yachtie stewardess Barbie's rich dad and mom Sandra

Yachtie stewardess Barbie’s rich dad and mom Sandra (Facebook).

Barbie’s Rich Dad, Lifestyle & Family Explained

Below Deck season 11 stew Barbie's mom is a therapist and her dad appears to be a highly successful businessman

Below Deck season 11 stew Barbie’s mom is a therapist and her dad appears to be a highly successful businessman (Facebook).

Barbie’s Instagram shows she often stays at the Four Seasons and other swanky hotels when traveling in Italy, NYC, LA, Israel, Monaco, Las Vegas, Nassau, Prague, and many other locations around the globe. She even vacationed in Grenada, where Below Deck season 11 filmed, before working there.

Barbie also drives around with her French bulldog, Koosh, in a Lamborghini and takes him when she travels on private jets. She also loves to ride on expensive boats and horseback ride.

So, what does Barbie’s dad do that affords his daughter the spoiled life of a princess? He doesn’t have social media, except a LinkedIn page. Gabriel Pascual worked as the Global Account Director of Coca-Cola and worked at the company for 24 years before starting his own global corporate and asset protection services firm called Fidemont.

Barbie talked a bit about his work on the premiere of Below Deck season 11. “I respect him. He didn’t have that much. He got a job at Coca-Cola, and climbed the ladder working really, really hard. I always want to make my dad proud. Always. And that’s why I want to be the best stew. I go to so many nice hotels. So like I know good service because I get good service.

Barbie’s mom’s profession isn’t too shabby, either. Her mom Sandra Pascual works as a licensed counselor and sex therapist. However, Sandra’s rates definitely don’t foot the bill for Barbie’s ostentatious set of circumstances. Especially considering Barbie has a younger brother, Ramiro, and much younger sister, too. The family appears to have moved to Boca Raton, Florida, in 2022, a year before right-wing populist President Javier Milei rose to power back in Argentina.

Barbara wearing one of her many expensive designer outfits while hitting the town in NYC

Barbara wearing one of her many expensive designer outfits while hitting the town in NYC (Instagram).

Barbie’s rich dad is a very successful businessman, originally based in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaWe’ll have to wait and see what else Barbie let’s Bravo viewers know about her moneyed father, Gabriel.

One things likely, though, he probably didn’t approve of Barbie’s torrid boatmance with Scottish deckhand Kyle Stillie. “I may have done one or a few things that you’re not going to be too happy about father,” Barbie tells her dad later on in the show.

That said, it looks like Barbie inherited some of that entrepreneurial spirit from her dad. She founded her own business, Beyond The Table by Barbie, which is table and party decorating services for superyachts, events and dinners.

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