Jared From Below Deck Season 11: Everything To Know

Jared From Below Deck Season 11: Everything To Know

Bosun Jared Woodin appears to be one of the cast who gets fired on Below Deck season 11. (Sorry, but that isn’t really a spoiler from everything Bravo’s released in previews.) The latest trailer shows Jared yet again struggling in his role as the leader of the deck crew. “So I’ve been in this [industry] 11 years now. But managing a team is, yeah, managing a lot,” Jared said, seemingly unsure of himself. “This is not 10 meters, this is 4 meters.” So, who’s Jared from Below Deck season 11, the bosun who almost certainly gets added to the long list of fired Below Deck cast members?

Jared appears to get a pretty bad edit from Below Deck producers and potentially was a scripted plant on the show. On the beginning of the Below Deck season 11 premiere he said, “I have a thick skin. Being a bosun is [bleeping] difficult. It’s hard. You better have a good catcher’s mitt because a lot of things are being thrown at you. So what better way to travel than on somebody else’s dime while making a nickel.”

Below Deck cast members certainly get paid a lot more than a nickel. However, Jared’s lack of recent experience working on superyachts like St. David appears to get him into a lot of trouble.

“I grew up in Connecticut. I spent five years building houses, but I didn’t want to be stuck in a small town swinging a hammer for the rest of my life,” Jared also said in the premiere. “But you can be a problem solver or you can be problematic. Thank you public school.”

Jared cleaning the superyacht using his work shirt

Jared cleaning the superyacht using his work shirt (Bravo).

 Who’s Jared From Below Deck Season 11: IG, Boat Experience, Age, Birthday, Hometown, More

Jared celebrating his 35th birthday back in 2023

Jared celebrating his 35th birthday back in 2023 (Instagram).

Jared Woodin’s Instagram shows he works on a much smaller boat in Port Jefferson, New York, as well as boats in Florida. However, Jared’s hometown is North Branford, CT, according to Bravo. His IG also shows he’s very close with his mom and family. “That would be my family for sure – family over everything,” Jared said about who he misses the most while on a charter season. Jared, on the premiere, also revealed he has a 3-and-a-half-year-0ld daughter who lives in Alaska. He face times her twice a week and it’s the greatest time of his week.

“So you’ve been captain on smaller boats, right? Yeah I can see a lot of value that you bring to the table. I know your job better than anybody else’s, so I’m going to be hard on you,” Captain Kerry Titheradge warns Jared after meeting him while filming Below Deck season 11 in early 2023 in Grenada. Captain Kerry’s words seem to foreshadow a falling out between the Australian captain and his deck leader.

Although Jared has a wealth of boating experience, eleven years before going on the show, he didn’t work very much on superyachts recently.

Bosun Jared captaining his smaller boat near NYC

Bosun Jared captaining his smaller boat near NYC (Instagram).

“My favorite place to charter is South of France or anywhere in the Med really. My favorite place I’ve traveled to is Croatia,” Jared told Bravo in an interview.

Asked about what he likes to do in his spare time, Jared said, “Sports, carpentry, hard work, helping hard people in hard places get through hard times.”

Jared’s birthday is April 21, and he turned age 35 in 2023, so he was 34 on the show. Jared’s zodiac sign is Taurus, which explains his hard-work attitude, but also his bull-headedness.

According to Jared his best friend on the boat was stewardess Barbie Pascual.

Signs Jared Gets Fired By Captain Kerry On Below Deck Season 11

Jared working on another superyacht before going on Below Deck season 11

Jared working on another superyacht before going on Below Deck season 11 (Instagram).

“You’ve got two-and-a-half shots in the water,” said Jared in the original trailer.

“I asked for one shot,” Captain Kerry responded, clearly annoyed.

Things only got worse after that.

“Hold your distance!” Jared yells in another moment during a docking.

“I’m getting no information,” Captain Kerry said, worried about crashing the boat.

The trailers strongly suggest Jared will be the fall guy who gets fired. It’s odd producers would pick Jared to lead the deck crew with his limited recent experience on superyachts. Meanwhile, Ben starts the latest season as lead deckhand despite having worked as a bosun in his last jobs.

“I operate in feet, I have to translate it into meters,” Jared says in another scene where editors added math symbols mocking him.

“I’m sorry, but I feel dumber when I’m around him,” Ben says about Jared, too, suggesting he may assist in Jared departing the show early.

“I’m trying to sleep. I can hear you two decks up,” Captain Kerry also said in the previews to Jared after he was extremely loud after a drunken crew night out.

Jared also threw provisions at the head of a stewardess by accident.

It’s pretty obvious Captain Kerry fires Jared, the only thing in question is how far into the charter season. Show Star News already confirmed there’s a replacement deck crew member on the Below Deck season 11 cast.

“I am so [bleeping] mad. It’s a total disregard of my authority,” Kerry says, likely just before firing Jared after the last straw.

“I never saw that coming ever,” Fraser said in response as Jared likely gets escorted off the boat and sent to shore on another boat.

Below Deck season 11’s episode 2, “Pier Pressure”, has synopsis that suggests Jared screws up early. “Jared makes a big mistake, causing Ben and Fraser to feel that they can’t rely on the new bosun. Capt. Kerry docks St. David for the first time, but the deck team’s lack of communication could lead to a disastrous end to the first charter.”

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