When Did Shark Tank Season 15 Film & Where It Shoots

When Did Shark Tank Season 15 Film & Where It Shoots

Shark Tank season 15 produced the first ever Shark-O-Ween special, where all the of the pitches were tied to the theme of Halloween. The founders of Maniac Pumpkin Carvers, pitching at the tail end or episode 5, suggested they needed to get back to work because it was close to Halloween. Some fans wondered if Shark Tank production film the episode so close to its airing date? Or did producers have the entrepreneurs pretend the episode was shot near October 31st, 2023? Show Star News has answers to fans’ questions about when did Shark Tank season 15 film and where the show is shot.

Entrepreneurs with business they’re looking for investment in had the opportunity to apply to be on Shark Tank season 15 in January 2023. Ruthless Shark and self described “Mr. Wonderful” Kevin O’Leary let American business owners know on Twitter/X about show casting for the latest season of the show had opened up on January 23.

However, the show didn’t air until months later. Shark Tank producers had to sift though thousands of applications from business owners who applied to pitch their startups to the sharks on season 15. O’Leary revealed a month before filming season 15 that they had a record number of applications from entrepreneurs wanting to be on the show due to venture capital drying up due to rising interest rates and deteriorating economy.

Shark Lori Greiner, the most successful investor in companies featured on Shark Tank, revealed the latest season started filming this first half of season 15 on or around June 13, 2023.

When Did Shark Tank Season 15 Film & Where Do The Shoot The Show?

On that day, Lori posted a message on Instagram and X reflecting on her time on the show since being a guest shark on season 3 and officially joining the cast in season 4.

“Becoming a shark was a natural extension of what I was already doing — helping aspiring entrepreneurs, but being a part of this show has gone so far above and beyond just helping a handful of people. It has inspired the entrepreneurial spirit not only in our country but also worldwide,” Lori wrote. “I take my responsibility as a shark seriously and am honored and humbled to be a part of helping inspire, teach and show people they truly CAN make anything happen!”

O’Leary — a fan-favorite for his ruthlessness in driving a hard bargain and giving his unvarnished opinion to entrepreneurs pitching — also posted himself in-studio filming season 15 alongside fellow sharks Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, and Greiner on June 26. Noticeably absent was OG Shark Barbara Corcoran, who likely wasn’t filming that day due to a guest shark sitting in. Shark Tank season 15 had several guest sharks, including horror movie mogul Jason Blum.

O’Leary, in another post in August, revealed the show films for up to 14 hours per day. Shark Tank films at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California, where the talent get shuttled to and from studio by golf cart.

It looks like the show producers and sharks filmed the first half of Shark Tank season 15 for a couple weeks in June, then took most of the summer off. Greiner on September 2 posted an update that they were starting to film the second part of season 15 then.

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