Shark Tank: Who’s Jason Blum, Guest Shark & Blumhouse CEO

ABC’s Shark Tank in its 15th season aired a Halloween special episode with Allhallows Eve pitches from entrepreneurs on Friday, October 27, in the leadup to the 31st. To celebrate the inaugural Shark-O-Ween episode, the show’s production invited horror film producer and entrepreneur Jason Blum to guest star as a Shark. So who’s Jason Blum, Blumhouse founder and CEO? Also, What films has he directed and produced, and what’s his net worth?

Jason got an early start in the entertainment industry, working for Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s Miramax studio at the age of 20 in 1989. He worked in acquisitions for purchasing films. He learned a valuable lesson after passing on buying the low-budget horror film The Blair Witch Project — which was a major blockbuster at the time — in the late nineties, which led him to leave his cushy job to forge his own path in the entertainment world. He found and is still CEO of horror film studio Blumhouse, a company that produces “high-quality indie budget horror films and television series. Blum has produced blockbuster hits like the Paranormal Activity franchise, The Veil, Insidious, The Purge, and many other films. Blum’s production company also made TV series like The 12 Bloody Days of Christmas and Ascension.

Jason was inspired by the low-budget, massive return of The Blair Witch Project, making a rule to never provide more than $5 million per film project. This means his hits pay huge ROI (return on investment). Jason Blum’s films have theatrical grosses of over $5.7 billion worldwide. That’s not even factoring in streaming deals!

Shark Tank: Who’s Jason Blum & His Net Worth

Although some websites estimate Jason’s net worth is at $200 million, he’s likely much closer to at least $500 million in personal fortune. The guest Shark has his eyes on biting off a chunk of the super lucrative video game market, too. Blumhouse has created subsidiary Blumhouse Games, which is going to produce and publish horror-based video games.

Blum, age 54, has gained, and more than earned, the nickname: King of Mini-Price Horror. On the Shark Tank appearance, Jason and the rest of the sharks assessed pitches involving Halloween and horror. Will Jason bite and make a deal? Producers certainly found the right investor for the right horror-related businesses looking for some lifeblood capital.

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