Julia From Dated & Related: Age, Job, Relationship Status, IG

Julia From Dated And Related: Age, Job, Relationship Status, TikTok, IG & More

Julia Perfetto from Dated And Related made quite the impression when she and her brother Daniel entered the southern France villa in Cannes. Julia’s on-again-off-again relationship with Joey Roppo shocked fans, especially when Julia ditched Joey for William Wade for the prom. However, Julia and Joey got back together on the show, but things again fizzled out. Here’s everything Dated And Related fans need to know about Julia, including her relationship status, Instagram, TikTok, age, zodiac sign, job and more!

Julia Was Together With Joey In LA, But She’s Likely Single

Although it looked like Joey’s bromance with Julia’s brother Daniel seemed more real than feelings between Joey and Julia, the showmance couple reunited in LA on September 12.

Joey and Julia Together After Dating On Dated And Related

Joey and Julia hung out together in LA after Dated And Related showmance. They’re likely both single still however (Instagram).

Julia and Joey both appear to be single according to their social media however. On top of that, Netflix’s publication Tudum made no mention of the pair getting back together in it’s recent report on Dated And Related relationship statuses. However, it did mention that Julia and Alara Taneri became best friends from the show and are very close.

Dated And Related Star Julia Works As A Personal Trainer & Fitness Influencer

Julia Perfetto's Job Is A Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Influencer

Dated And Related star Julia Perfetto works as a certified personal trainer and fitness influencer (Instagram).

Julia started promoting her fitness training a couple years ago on her social media and things really took off from there. Julia’s Instagram mostly includes her workout routines and training tips for her 52,000 followers. Julia’s TikTok is even more popular, with over 185,000 followers. On TikTok she mainly posts videos of her working out and dancing. She also gets endorsement deals from fashion brands, most recently getting product from Echt Apparel.

Julia just started a fitness trainer YouTube channel. She also has her own online fitness class business called Perfetto Peach.

Julia and Joey hungout together alongside their siblings to get sushi in one vlog post.

Julia is also a big foodie, cooking herself very nutritional meals.

Julia’s Age, Zodiac Sign, Birthday & Travel

Although Julia lives in Canada, she’s recently been living in LA. It’s unclear if she and her brother are in LA for the Dated And Related reunion and promotion, or if they’ve moved there permanently. Earlier this year they traveled in Costa Rica, hanging out with fellow castmate Jason.

Julia recently posted adorable throwback video to when Julia was a baby and her older brother Daniel was holding her back in 1999. Julia’s exact birthday is not clear, but she’s likely born in November and her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

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