Physical 100’s Kim Da-Young: Birthday, Job, IG, Films & More

Stuntwoman Kim Da-young dressed up for a night out

Stuntwoman and Physical 100 cast member Kim Da-young dressed up for a night out (Instagram).

As the field thins, competitors that were stuck in the background are getting more spotlight, like Physical 100‘s Kim Da-Young. Although her deathmatch victory barely got a few seconds of screen-time, she saved her team in the Quest 2 Moving Sand challenge. Her quick and thorough assembly of the bridge gave powerhouses like Jo Jin-Hyeong the green light to haul sand across. And even though power is key in the ship-dragging event, her speed and resiliency were crucial in helping her group of 10. It was scary when she got one of her legs stuck between the logs she was speedily moving. However, she bounced back and her team rallied to the fastest completion time.

Physical: 100’s Kim Da-Young is extremely versatile and a born thrill-seeker. She’s a fearless stuntwoman by trade, and as her socials prove, her tiny frame contains a very strong spirit. She loves to pose with animals, practice with weapons, or climb mountains. But, she maintains a down-to-earth attitude and is not afraid to post a fangirl selfie with Choo Sung-Hoon or show off a simple birthday cake. (Her special day is March 10.)  Here’s more about her many interests.

Kim Da-young taking a picture with MMA fighter Choo Sung-hoon and fellow PHysical 100 cast member

Kim Da-young taking a picture with MMA fighter Choo Sung-hoon and fellow Physical 100 cast member (Instagram).

Physical 100‘s Kim Da-Young: Life Imitates Art With Her Job

Kim Da-Young seems almost a natural for a real life Squid Game. This makes sense when you consider she did some stunt work on the actual show. Netflix also made use of her skills for the Korean action flick Carter, where a virus turns people into zombielike fighters. Some of her favorite clips from the movie can be seen right at the top of her Instagram profile. She has a respectable 10,800 followers and even though the film itself wasn’t very good, she made the action sequences extra special.

Anything Is Possible With Kim Da-Young

Many of the Physical 100 competitors are insanely dedicated to their training or professions. This doesn’t leave a lot of room for fun. With Kim Da-Young, the opposite is true as literally every other picture on her IG shows her doing something else. Horseback riding? Snowboarding? Underlining paragraphs in a book? It’s all there. She might travel to California, hike through a desert, hang out on a farm with some sheep, get silly with some animal-themed hoods, or go glam and show off her looks. All in all, she just seems to be a fun person to hang around with and we hope she gets more exposure on the show.

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