Nina & Diana From Dated & Related: Twins’ Age, Jobs, IG & More

Twins Nina & Diana From Dated And Related: Age, Jobs, IG Relationship Statuses & More

Netflix’s reality TV show Dated And Related‘s top stars are the Parsijani twins, who caught the eyes of most of the guys in the southern France villa. They had to repeatedly rebuff the advances of Jersey playboys Jason and Chris. Bombshell brunettes Diana and Nina, basically triplets with Too Hot To Handle season 1’s Francesca Farago, stole the show compared to their other cast mates. But the paternal twins (no, they aren’t identical despite looking strikingly similar) are much more than just beauties. Here’s everything you need to know about Nina and Diana, including their two master’s degrees, age, birthday, IG, TikTok, relationship statuses with Kaz and Daniel, and more.

Dated And Related star Diana & Kaz Broke Up

Kaz & Diana Are Still Together After Dating On Dated And Related

Kaz and Diana claimed they are still a couple after building a strong relationship on Netflix’s reality TV show Dated And Related (Netflix). 

Kaz Bishop appears to be single clubbing with his brother Kieran these days. But Diana and him claimed they are still dating, despite Kaz later confirming they split up. The couple won the $100,000 Dated And Related prize at the end of the show for having the strongest relationship. According to Netflix’s publication Tudum, Kaz and Diana’s relationship is stronger than ever. But in a podcast, Kaz admitted the truth that they broke up.

“We’re not [together], but we’re excited to see what happens in the future,” Kaz explained on Reality with Will Njobvu.

“I’m not seeing anyone at the moment. I’ve had communication with girls, I’ve spoke to a couple people but it hasn’t gone into anything serious… Within the year I’ve sort of just been focusing on myself,” Kaz also said in the interview. That’s a stark contrast to what he and Diana said to Netflix’s Tudum.

“He makes me laugh, supports me and has always been there for me since day one,” Diana gushed to Tudum. “I genuinely appreciate these personality traits. I’ve never met a man with such a great heart.”

Tudum claimed the pseudo couple supposedly spend a lot of time in London together (they both live in the UK) and are planning a tropical vacation trip together.

“We will be sipping on rum punch,” Kaz claimed about his planned trip with his supposed girlfriend Diana, “leaving Kieran and Nina in London with nothing but dust.”

Tudum also claimed Kaz is also teaching Diana how to cook.

Although Diana and Kaz claimed they’re still together, some fans were skeptical their showmance relationship is phony. A lot of Dated And Related appears scripted/fake, and reality TV stars sometimes pretend to be dating outside the show to continue to gain attention. Kaz has confirmed their suspicions. But hey, at least the couple made a cool $100,000.

Dated And Related Star Nina Is In A Long-Distance Relationship With Boyfriend Daniel

Nina & Daniel Are In A Long-Distance Relationship After Dating On Dated And Related

Dated And Related stars Nina and Daniel are still together after building a relationship on Dated And Related. The couple are in a long-distance relationship because Daniel lives in Canada, Nina lives in London, UK (Netflix).

Meanwhile, Nina and Daniel Perfetto are trying to make their long-distance relationship work, meaning they are still allegedly together, too!

“There hasn’t been a day that has gone by since the show where she hasn’t been on my mind,” Daniel told Tudum. “Even though we are long distance, we’ve stayed in contact pretty much every day. If we aren’t texting, we are FaceTiming or on the phone. Since the day I met her, she’s always managed to keep me laughing and it’s just always felt right, which makes it fun and easy talking to her.”

Nina allegedly also still feels very strongly for Daniel, even though they haven’t seen each other since Dated And Related filmed because she lives in London and Daniel lives in Canada.

“It’s been a long time coming but the connection is still there and I miss him a lot,” Nina said about her boyfriend Daniel. “Can’t wait to reunite!”

Unfortunately, Nina’s ex and Kaz’s twin brother Kieran broke up with his girlfriend Alara Taneri.

Twins Nina And Diana’s Education, Age, Birthday & Jobs

Dated And Related Stars Nina & Diana Graduating From University

Dated And Related stars Nina and Diana celebrating completing their first master’s degree (Instagram).

Although some Dated And Related fans found Diana and Nina to be lacking any personality or substance, the two are actually quite accomplished scholars. Don’t necessarily believe first impressions, especially when it’s on reality TV. The brainy Iranian brunette beauties both have two master’s degrees! Nina’s LinkedIn shows she has master’s degrees in luxury management and communications. Although not identical twins, Diana’s LinkedIn shows she has the identical degrees as her sister. However, the girls have worked different jobs than one another.

Diana currently works for jewelry company as a production assistant, and previously worked at several other jewelry companies. Nina’s previous jobs included working in marketing and working for car company Nissan and a hotels group.

The brilliant Parsijani twins also speak four languages! Diana and Nina, who are originally from Iran, and previously lived in Norway and now live in London, speak English, French, Norwegian and Persian!

Nina and Diana celebrate their birthday on November 14, making their zodiac sign Scorpio. Diana and Nina are age 29, but will be celebrating their 30th birthday this year.

Nina And Diana's Birthday Is November 14

Dated and Related twin stars Nina and Diana’s birthday is on November 14, making their zodiac sign Scorpio (Instagram).

Nina & Diana’s TikTok, Instagram & Influencer Life Style

Nina and Diana’s shared Instagram account shows that they live a luxurious life style traveling the world. The Dated And Related Iranian twins are fast becoming major IG makeup and fashion influencers. Diana and Nina have already modeled for Moncler pufferjacket and more. Now that their Instagram has blown up to almost 100,000 followers the twins can expect to get a lot more endorsement deals from makeup and fashion brands.

The twins over the past few years have traveled in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, France, Monaco and more.

The girls also have over 20,000 followers on their TikTok account, and most recently posted a video clip of Diana and Kaz together.

Nina and Diana are also selling lots of women’s clothing online, similar to their elegant style from the dresses, bikins and shoes they wore on the show.

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