Big Brother 25 Houseguest Reilly Smedley: All Fans Need To Know

Big Brother 25 Houseguest Reilly Smedley: All Fans Need To Know

Fresh-faced blonde and Big Brother 25 houseguest Reilly Smedley is used to being thrust into crazy situations. In her preseason interview, she was mostly overwhelmed to have been chosen and was a little freaked out. However, she plans to roll with it and provide us with plenty of cute moments. “Nooo, I’m terrified, what are they going to do to me, please, have mercy on me I beg you!” she squealed. She put her hands on her cheeks and opened her mouth in what has become her signature pose. But immediately afterwards she dropped her act and admitted she was ready for it. “But that’s the beauty of it, you literally never know what to expect. And I am so excited to embrace that.”

The self-proclaimed “natural born spaz” has already gotten herself into a situation where she won the first Head of Household. This is great for her but having to decide who gets evicted could make her game-fatal enemy early on. And, she doesn’t seem to have a close enough friend in the cast to make a protective alliance yet.  She’ll have to rely on her Big Brother superfandom — she says “her family dedicates an entire summer to the show!” She’ll also rely on her adaptiveness and “keeping her head on a swivel”, so no floating from this high-energy houseguest.

Big Brother 25 Houseguest Reilly: Age, Zodiac, Basketball Career, Hometown, Bartender Job, IG

Reilly does have some special luck, as she was born August 2, the same day Big Brother 25 debuted. This makes her yet another spotlight-loving, extraverted Leo who turned 24 this week. We have also determined that Reilly’s head-on-a-swivel skills were developed on the basketball court. Here are her stats for her time as part of the Maine Maritime Academy Mariners. Her profile lists her height as 5’7″, and her major as International Business and Logistics. Her hometown on this page is listed as York, Maine, even though the official BB wiki lists it as Portland, Maine. She currently tends bar in Nashville, Tennessee, at the Whiskey Row.

Reilly’s socials are more guarded than you would expect. Reilly’s IG is privated, but we can see that she has 4,579 followers. She has many entertaining skills that would help her in her chosen profession, such as juggling, dancing like a robot, and talking with her mouth closed. We’re not sure if those will come in handy in the house however.

Big Brother 25 Houseguest Reilly: Tattoos, Relationship Status, Pets, Family

Reilly has a lot of hidden depth as she tells us that she lost her father to rare cancer at 14 and faced a lot of adversity. She is also not looking for a showmance as she is single and not looking. However, she is open to being distracted by a tall, muscular, brown haired man. Deaflympics superathlete Matt Klotz fits that bill, so could she end up being distracted? Until then, Reilly gives her love to her two fur babies, Ollie and Gibby. Finally, Reilly has four tattoos. There is what appears to be a combination of a leaf and a flame on her left forearm. She has a butterfly on her upper right arm. Then, she has one tattoo on each arm that is a different phrase in cursive. However, the camera never gets close enough for us to read them clearly.

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