Indian Matchmaking’s Bobby: Everything To Know About The Math Teacher

Indian Matchmaking's Bobby: Everything To Know About The Math Teacher

Indian Matchmaking Season 3’s Bobby Seagull continues the trend of Netflix nice guys finishing last (a tale as old as time, really). The brainiac math whiz with the best of intentions got only one chance to make it with Priya Ashra on the show. Though Bobby gave it his all, all he did was leave picky Priya cold. He was nothing but polite to Priya on social media afterwards — some would say too polite. However, as of now, he is definitely further proof, if we needed anymore, that Sima Taparia can’t help everyone. At least now that he’s been on small screens worldwide, he should have a much larger dating pool to choose from. Let’s find out more about the extremely eligible bachelor, Indian Matchmaking‘s Bobby: everything to know.

Indian Matchmaking‘s Bobby: Everything To Know – TV Shows, Educational Background, Jobs, Age, Horoscope, Family

Bobby trying to woo Priya with his Salsa dancing in his Salsa shoes

Bobby trying to woo Priya with his Salsa dancing in his Salsa shoes (Netflix).

We see Bobby at his teaching job on the show, where he is beloved by his students (and maybe pitied a little bit too). Understanding social norms is probably the only thing Bobby struggles with, though. He’s pretty much all over TV in the UK, on everything from other reality shows to soccer/football commentary to game shows and educational programming. He’s even been on Celebrity Hunters, the same show as Perfect Match/Too Hot To Handle star Chloe Veitch.  Bobby has a Master’s Degree from the University of Cambridge and is working on a doctorate from there as well. According to his LinkedIn, he worked as a trader for Lehman Brothers before they fell apart and has been an accountant with Pricewaterhouse Coopers. He also studied mathematics not only at the University of Cambridge, but also at the University of Oxford, the two top universities in the UK.

Looking at Bobby’s personal math stats, we know he is 39 years-old and was born on February 13th. That makes him an energetic and driven Aquarius. Bobby, whose full name is Jay Bobby Seagull, is one of four boys whose names all start with “Jay”. His three brothers are Jay Dave, Jay John, and Jay Thomas. Born and raised in East Ham, UK, he is a devoted supporter of the West Ham football team. Bobby’s joke about pretending to be a wine-tasting expert isn’t far off — his interests include Renaissance painting, opera, and the British show Strictly Come Dancing. Other shows Bobby’s appeared on include Monkman and Seagull’s Genius Guides, Would I Lie To You? and Richard Osman’s House Of Games.

Indian Matchmaking‘sBobby: Everything To Know – Where Is Bobby Now?

Bobby seems to have a great relationship with everyone after the show. In fact you can probably find a comment from Bobby on every single cast member’s IG profile if you go through them. According to this article, Bobby is a devout Christian and has joined a Christian dating app. But the main thing Bobby is doing is continuing his TV appearances and charity work. Going through Bobby’s IG profile shows that he constantly posts about these two subjects. In one week, he spoke on a panel for charity Speakers for School, posted promotional pictures for Celebrity Hunters, spoke on BBC Radio Scotland about using music to help you study, and featured a clip from The Reading Agency, an initiative that tries to get people to read for 30 minutes a day.

However, not everyone wants to Take The Bobby. Being on a Netflix reality show means you get your share of haters. Redditors and Twitter users have criticized Bobby for being too talkative, assumed he has ADHD, and speculated on his sexuality. Otherwise_Photo8424 said, “The dude needs to stop masking all his emotions by pretending things are great.” PsychologicalGain420 makes a fair point with, “He talks too much about himself rather than giving others a chance.”

It’s a real shame that Bobby only appears to be able to operate at 11. We’ll keep an eye out and see if someone as nerdy as him makes him his perfect match.

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