Meet Charter Guests Eric & Jonathan From Below Deck Med Season 7

Meet Charter Guests Eric & Jonathan From Below Deck Med Season 7

Below Deck Med season 7 fans are dragging the older male charter guests ogling at the younger, beautiful models Amanda, Brett, Diana, and Hannah on the trip in Malta. The older male charter guests aboard superyacht Home, including Jonathan DePaz and Eric Cotsen (called Eric on the show), creeped out viewers for their behavior towards the ladies accompanying them on the photoshoot. Here’s everything fans need to know about Below Deck Med charter guests Eric and Jonathan.

Charter Guests & Models Brett, Hannah, Amanda, Diana Pose With Eric Costen On Below Deck Med Season 7

Charter guests & models Brett, Hannah, Amanda, Diana Pose with Eric Costen while aboard superyacht Home during filming of Below Deck Med season 7 (Instagram).

Charter Guest Eric Costen Inherited Millions & Was On Below Deck Med Season 5

Charter Guests Eric & Jonathan Hang Out With Chef Dave After Below Deck Season 7

Charter guests Eric and Jonathan hung out with Chef Dave White for a few days recently after becoming friends while filming Below Deck Med season 7 (Instagram).

Below Deck Med season 7 fans will recall returning charter guest Eric Costen left quite the impression on the season 5 crew. At the end of his charter in season 5, Eric invited the crew back to his Malibu home in lieu of a charter tip. However, Eric was only pranking the cast and ended up giving the cast a generous $20,000 tip. Eric also gave the crew nicknames, but it didn’t make the show. On that trip he requested a “naughty games night” with the crew and told the interior he wants his coffee hot like his women. A leopard never changes its spots, apparently.

Eric’s father, who passed away, worked as the CEO of Neutrogena and was at one point the 47th richest person in Malibu. However, he didn’t just live off of his extremely wealthy father’s money. Eric had a stake in Princeton Review, a college-prep company, which he sold. He now describes himself as a retired entrepreneur.

Eric’s Instagram shows he enjoys traveling the world with friends and beautiful women. He often posts photos and artwork of semi-nude and bikini-clad women on his IG.

Eric, and his good friend Jonathan, also befriended Below Deck Med season 7’s Chef Dave White. The pair recently reconnected with Chef Dave to try some of his best dishes.

Below Deck Med Season 7 Charter Guest Jonathan DePaz Is A Professional Fitness Instructor

Jonathan DePaz’s Instagram reveals he loves to travel and is a big health junkie. He’s also a professional personal trainer, running zoom online workout classes. He, like his buddy Eric, enjoys hanging with younger women.

The two are taking heat online from Below Deck Med fans who thought they were making their fellow charter guest models feel uncomfortable with the sexual BDSM theme, comments and photoshoot while on the superyacht.

“…The girls didn’t look like they felt safe or comfortable around those guests at all!” said Below Deck Med fan “starshipfocus” on Reddit.

“I think they’ve been paid to be on there and it wasn’t enough for them to ignore the grossness of the primary photographer guy,” said another fan.

“The guy guests creep me out! I’m not surprised that the ladies aren’t really that interested and one even excuses herself from dinner to LOCK herself in her cabin. That shows how uncomfortable she is around the guy charter guests!”

However, the models on the trip already knew Eric and most had already modeled for him prior. Also, two of the models, Amanda (a professional dominatrix) and Brett, are comfortable posing in explicit content, hence why they got naked on the boat. The women are also fitness clients of Jonathan. Eric took exception with the portrayal and interpretation of viewers on the alleged creepiness of the charter.

“While my actions might have creeped out the viewers, there were other forces at play to explain the girls discomfort. None of the gals were paid for the boat trip (though I have paid 3 of them to model on previous trips). Any discomfort observed was most likely due to residual angst from earlier in our trip,” Eric explained on a comment to this Show Star News article. “We had a great first week in Switzerland but then a communication snafu led to some misunderstandings and instead of continuing to travel together we went our separate ways. The miscommunication had nothing to do with ‘creepy’ behavior but work expectations. We got back together for the boat trip but the residual tension remained.”

Other fans found it funny that Captain Sandy was looking at the models naked at the front of the boat with her binoculars. Bosun Storm Smith had a front row seat as two of the model charter guests stripping in front of him. Stew Natalya Scudder wasn’t a fan of the nude situation, even if her relationship with Storm is rocky at best. Meanwhile, Bravo is questioning if it’s the most NSFW moment in Below Deck history.

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