Storm Smith From Below Deck Med: Everything To Know

Deckhand Strom Smith From Below Deck Med Season 7: Everything To Know
Find out more about Below Deck Med Deckhand Storm Smith, including his girlfriend, travel, hobbies and more.

Deckhand Storm Smith from Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 is already impressing Stew Natalya Scudder and Captain Sandy. One’s impressed by his supposed witty “banter”, the other by his leadership on deck. Fans want to know more about the self-described “dirtbag pirate”, who’s childhood friends with fellow South African deckhand Mzi “Zee” Dempers, who was on Below Deck Med season 6, too.

Storm’s Girlfriend, Family & Travel Lifestyle

Although Storm’s love interest is Natalya on Below Deck Med season 7, he’s now dating someone else after the show ended. Storm’s Instagram shows him previously traveling in Bainskloof Mountain Pass and Rhino Ridge Game Reserve in South Africa with his girlfriend Chloe Griffin. The couple are now in Italy, visiting Lake Como and other picturesque areas of the country.

Deckhand Storm with his girlfriend Chloe in Italy (Instagram).
Storm wishing his girlfriend a happy birthday on their trip in Italy (Instagram).

The couple also created an Instagram account to document their travels together called “Notes from the road”. 

Storm's girlfriend holding a fish they caught

Below Deck Med season 7 Deckhand Storm’s girlfriend holding a fish that they caught on sea while travelling together (Instagram).

Before, Storm had a long-term relationship that lasted several years back when living in his hometown of Cape Town, South Africa. In the middle of the season, Storm explained how he was very serious with his ex girlfriend and that he had his heart broken. He explained how his ex girlfriend fell out of love with him and eventually ended the long-term relationship.

Storm has traveled a lot in his twenties. He’s explored Sri Lanka, Yosemite national park in California, West Indies, France, Mozambique, Madagascar, Dubai and more.

On Below Deck Med season 7, episode 3, Storm reveals he had to grow up quickly. He had to act as the father figure for his two much younger half sisters when their dad wasn’t around. He even would illegally drive his mom’s car as a teenager with his infant sister in order to help her fall asleep. Storm says he is close with his mom and two sisters.

Storm with his two younger half sisters and his mom when he was younger and had long hair (Instagram).

Storm’s Tattoos

On the show, Below Deck fans have noticed Storm has plenty of tattoos adorned all over his body.

The deckhand’s leg and two chest tattoos (Instagram).

Storm has two tattoos on his chest and at least one thigh tattoo on his one leg. He also has many animal and tribal tattoos on both his arms, including an eagle and woman.

Storm’s tats (Instagram).
Storm also has a tattoo of a cobra on his abs (Instagram).

Storm’s Previous Work & Hobbies

Sailing for the past four years working on boat, “dirtbag pirate” Storm found his calling as a sailor. He previously tried culinary and film school, according to Bravo. However, he always had a love for the outdoors, especially surfing and fishing. He also loves scuba diving with sharks, as well as drinking, of course.

Last year Storm launched his own jewelry company, called The Dark Sea, which sells silver rings.

Below Deck Med season 7 star Storm Smith shows off some of the silver rings his company The Dark Sea sells (Instagram).

Storm worked on other boats before Home, including a charter yacht that provided guests with surfing and scuba diving. Storm previously worked a surfing guide in Sumatra, too.

Deckhand Storm swimming with sharks in Florida (Instagram).
The self-proclaimed pirate working on another boat before Below Deck Med season 7 (Instagram).
Storm out surfing (Instagram).

According to his buddy and co-star Zee, Storm has had a moustache since he was thirteen. He currently competing with Below Deck season 9 deckhand Jake Foulger for best moustache from the reality TV franchise.

Tune into Bravo at 8 p.m. EST Mondays to learn more about Deckhand Storm Smith on Below Deck Med season 7.

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