Chef Dave White From Below Deck Med: Everything to Know

Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 Chef Dave White is wowing fans and Captain Sandy Yawn with his culinary prowess.

“Dave is like no other chef I’ve ever had on the planet,” said Captain Sandy at the beginning of season 7. “Like he is the true artist. It’s incredible to witness this guy at work.”

But there’s a lot more to the yacht chef than what’s been revealed on Below Deck Med so far. Here’s everything you need to know about British lad Chef Dave White from Below Deck Mediterranean season 7.

Chef Dave White From Below Deck Med Loves Extreme Sports

Below Deck Med season 7’s Chef Dave freestyle skiing (Instagram).

Before Dave White became a top level chef, he competed in freestyle skiing and won a gold medal in slopestyle skiing back in 2014. He had to quit the sport, though, after he snapped both is ACLs in skiing accident after his 2014 win.

Besides pulling off extreme tricks on his skis, Dave enjoys mountain climbing, snowboarding, surfing, cliff jumping, motorcycling, and skydiving. Dave’s Instagram includes lots of pictures of him partaking in his many dangerous extracurriculars.

Chef Dave White surfing in Bali (Instagram).
Chef Dave solo skydiving (Instagram).
Dave climbing Mount Everest (Instagram).

Some of the jaw-dropping pictures of Chef Dave include him climbing to the base camp of Mount Everest, solo skydiving, bathing in ice water, surfing on big waves, scuba diving, heli-skiing and doing backflips on skis.

“I’ve cheated death so many times, it’s a joke,” Dave explains in Below Deck Med season 7. All of the death-defying activities led to Chef Dave needed several surgeries over the years from all the death -defying activities. Most recently, in December of last year, he broke his back. Dave thought he may be paralyzed, but surgeons fused his back with titanium, and with intense rehabilitative training, he’s active again.

Dave winning gold in freestyle skiing (Instagram).

Dave’s intense plunges in freezing cold water also caught the attention of Below Deck season 9‘s Chief Stew Heather Chase.

Chef Dave swears by three to five minute plunges in frigid water as meditative and freeing of the mind (Instagram).

Chef Dave’s Fight Against Depression & Anxiety

Dave has been open about his fight against depression and anxiety on his social media.

On Below Deck Med season 7, Dave opened up about how is always getting anxious.

“I get super anxious, so I’m constantly battling with myself. I grew up in West Sussex,” Dave said in episode 2. “We were in a rough neighborhood… and I was always the guy who got bullied basically. So it gives me drive and the kind of courage to keep fighting with everything in my life.”

Chef Dave posts a lot mental health awareness posts. He climbs mountains and does cold plunges in water to help combat his anxiety and depression. Chef Dave is currently raising money for his climb in 2023 of Mount Everest, raising money for nonprofit CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), which raises mental health awareness and works to prevent suicides in the UK. His previous attempt to climb Mount Everest ended up with him having to turn around because of an injury and fearing for his life at the high altitude. 

Dave not only works to raise donations for CALM, but is currently volunteering his skills as a chef for World Central Kitchen in Poland, cooking food for Ukrainian refugees displaced from their homeland due to the war with Russia.

Below Deck Med season 7 Chef Dave volunteering in Poland to cook for Ukrainian refugees (Instagram).

Chef Dave White’s Relationship With Natasha Explained

White and Chief Stew Natasha Webb working on another superyacht before getting hired to work on Home for Below Deck Med season 7 (Instagram).

Chef Dave went on Another Below Deck Podcast and explained to the hosts more about his fling with Chief Stewardess Natasah Webb. He said the pair started hooking up with each other on the previous superyacht they worked on within a week of meeting after drinking a bunch of wine together. 

“She was sneaking into my cabin, probably twenty times,” Dave told the guys on the podcast. Dave said the two hooked up with while his bunkmate was fast asleep on the top bunk snoring. 

Natasha and Dave had no idea they would both be chosen to then star in Below Deck Med season 7, according the the chef. 

“There’s only one thing that happened. When we were having our final interviews, we both had the same badge on our uniforms, and that’s when I think that they put two and two together, the producers,” Dave said. “But we didn’t know, because we were told not to say anything.”

“I thought she was God’s gift,” Dave added about Natasha and how he’d fallen for her. He even changed his stopover before returning home after the private charter so they could hookup in Amsterdam. Also, the day before filming, Dave jumped down to Natasha’s balcony in the hotel they were staying at because they were locked in their rooms alone. He says they had their first proper date that night and he remembers she had a pumpkin risotto. At that point they made the plan to pretend they were still just friends and then fall for each other a week into filming on Below Deck Med season 7.

At this point fans know it wasn’t meant to be after Natasha had a change of heart and rejected Dave after a couple of charters. Natasha dodged questions about Dave on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live and denied the two had slept together in the shower. However, Dave set the record straight on Another Below Deck Podcast, confirming they did indeed hookup. Fans dragged Natasha for leading Dave and gaslighting him about her interest in him.

Dave said he lost his mind while on superyacht Home, and he barely got any sleep. He was also shocked on the podcast when saw Natasha claim no one saw her side of the story on the show and that Dave was portrayed much better. Dave was also angry that Deckhand Jason Gaskell backed Natasha over him on WWHL because Dave supported him when he struggling on the deck team. 

Chef Dave did express great regret in his obscene drunken texts to Natasha when she rejected and ignored him.

“What I did and what I said were completely out of line. No matter how I much I felt ill-treated, I should have never sent her what I did. I’m absolutely gutted by my behavior and wish I could take it back. Even though I was super upset, there’s no excuse for what I did. I feel like I need to apologize to everyone because the way I reacted was disgusting,” Dave told Decider in an interview.

Chef Dave’s Relationship Status, Tattoos, Age, Former Reality TV Appearance & More

If you haven’t noticed on Below Deck Med season 7 yet, Chef Dave’s tatted up. Both Dave’s upper arms and chest have big tattoos on them. On his right arm he has an eagle and skull design that now appears largely tattooed over in black. His chest has a ski chairlift and mountains across it. On his left arm he has tribal tattoo of a native warrior with a wolf headdress on him. He also has another tattoo on his one arm of a sailboat.

Dave’s bird tattoo that now appears to be mostly tattooed over in black (Instagram).
Dave’s other big arm tattoo (Instagram).

Chef Dave also has at least three leg tattoos, including a butcher’s knife and whisk.

Fans are split on whether Chef Dave’s or Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 Chef Marcos Spaziani‘s tattoos are better.

Although sparks flew between Chef Dave and Natasha at the start of Below Deck Med season 7, the two obviously don’t end up together (a blessing for Dave). Natasha is sharing Instagram stories with “the love of [her] life”, New York musician Max Landry. As for the burning question: Is Chef Dave single? It looks very much to be the case ladies.

Dave’s birthday is in the middle of August, and in a profile on Dave in early 2018 he was age 30. So Chef Dave is currently 35 years-old.

Below Deck isn’t Dave’s first time on reality TV. He previously competed on UK reality show MasterChef: The Professionals on season 5. Dave now has a Cameo where fans can pay for a personalized video.

Chef Dave’s Restaurant & Food

The five-star food Chef Dave consistently puts out for charter guests on Below Deck Med season 7 is amazing fans. But it took a lot of hard sweat and tears for Dave to get to the top of his craft. 

He completed NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) as a young apprentice chef. 

“I started working in kitchens and doing apprenticeships when I was 13 or 14. For a while I was working five days a week and attending college classes. I was grateful to learn so much at a young age. When I was 19, I left the UK and just started traveling. In France, I worked at many different restaurants with incredible head chefs, but it was also important for me to travel the world and try all different types of food. That’s the best way to learn,” Chef Dave explained in his interview with Decider. 

Chef Dave started work cooking on yachts back in 2014 after recovering from his major skiing accident. He couldn’t make much the year he was recovering, so afterwards he got into yachting because he could make a lot of money.  

Although it doesn’t appear to be open anymore, Chef Dave and his business partner opened a restaurant called Method Kitchen & Bar in France last year. The website for the restaurant no longer exists, but many of the delectable dishes Chef Dave and his business partner made for patrons still live on.

“Super proud of it, but super difficult to make a success of it,” Dave said in the premiere of Below Deck Med season 7.

Some of the delicious food creations Dave’s restaurant made included: Salmon Poke’ bowl with ponzu dressing, pork belly tacos with aromatic BBQ sauce, pork belly eggs benedict with boudin noir and crepes, duck burgers, octopus, and jack fruit and mizu falafel taco served with a raspberry vinaigrette.

Chef Dave said he had to give up the business because it’s very hard to make a profit running a restaurant in France because of the laws there. 

Whether or not Chef Dave outshines Chef Marcos Spaziani’s best dishes from Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 remains to be seen. But Chef Dave’s cooking virtuosity and best food in Below Deck Med season 7 is definitely setting the bar pretty high.

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