Below Deck Med: Chef Dave’s Best Food Dishes From Season 7

Chef Dave White Below Deck Med Season 7: Everything You Need To Know

Find out all of Chef Dave White’s best food dishes from Below Deck Med Season 7.

Whether it be charter guests, Chief Stew Natasha Webb or Captain Sandy, everyone’s raving about Chef Dave White‘s food on Below Deck Med season 7. His mouthwatering dishes are wowing fans, too. Everyone wants to know what Chef Dave’s best food dishes from Below Deck Med season 7 are aboard superyacht Home in Malta.

“I will follow a preference sheet, but I don’t follow recipes. If I’m creating something, I know that I need sour, bitter, sweet, texture and earth,” Chef Dave explained regarding his cooking style while on the show. “I just shut my eyes and I can envision the plate.”

Although it’s too early in season 7 to say, his dishes may outrival Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 Chef Marcos best food. A yacht chef’s food also makes or breaks the tip money charter guests give, and so far all Below Deck Med season 7 tip money has been very good. A testament to the chef.

Here are all of Chef Dave’s best food from breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts served throughout (so far) Below Deck Mediterranean season 7.

Chef Dave’s Best Lunch Food From Below Deck Med

Twelve-hour braised beef cheeks for lunch (Bravo).

Grilled octopus for lunch (Bravo).

Linguine arrabbiata served for lunch (Bravo).

For the first lunch of the season, Chef Dave served the charter guests grilled octopus and twelve-hour braised beef cheeks. Everyone enjoyed the meal, but fussy co-primary charter guest Billy Rodriguez complained about the beef being seasoned with cinnamon sticks to give it aromatic flavor. Billy claimed his preference sheet said no cinnamon, but he’d forgotten to add it. Out of several other courses for lunch, linguine arrabbiata stood out.

Chef Dave’s tacos (Bravo).

Chef Dave’s ribs for lunch (Bravo).

Ciabatta bread, Rosemary Foccacia, feta and pine nut quiche lunch (Bravo).

The second charter Chef Dave delivered another two homerun lunches. The first one he served Ciabatta bread, Rosemary Focaccia, and feta and pine nut quiche. For the second lunch meal he served the guests tacos and a rack of ribs.

On the third charter, Dave was tasked with making local Maltese food. He ended up making fried Meagre fish for the all-ladies charter.

Meagre fish caught locally in Malta (Bravo).

Chef Dave’s Best Food Dinner Dishes From Below Deck Med

Wagyu beef with wild mushrooms and mashed potatoes served for dinner (Bravo).

The first dinner of the season, Chef Dave served wagyu beef steak alongside wild mushrooms and mashed potatoes. The picky co-primary charter guest sent it back as a little too rare, but everyone, including him, loved it.

Kobe beef tataki (Bravo).

Tuna nigiri, salmon sushi, and salmon tartare (Bravo).

Thai soup Tom Kha Gai (Bravo).

The second dinner Chef Dave made assorted sushi, including tuna nigiri, salmon, Japanese tuna tartare, Kobe beef tataki, salmon maki roll, and a vegetarian maki roll. He also made Thai soup Tom Kha Gai.

Twice-cooked octopus dinner (Bravo).

Moroccan dinner, couscous salad (Bravo).\

Slow-cooked rack of lamb from Moroccan dinner (Bravo).

For the first dinner of the second charter, Chef Dave cooked twice-cooked Octopus with pea puree, as well as braised pig’s cheek with a sweet potato puree.

The second dinner, Dave went all out again. Primary charter guest Emily Beutler wanted Moroccan food. Prawn tagine, grilled eggplant with feta, and a slow-roast lamb rack and a light cous-cous salad.

On Primary Kristina Rossetto‘s charter, Dave made the guests sous vide lobster and gnocchi.

Lobster cooking in butter (Bravo).

Sous vide lobster and gnocchi (Bravo).

The second dinner, the all-ladies charter enjoyed Dave’s three-times cooked octopus with morning glory.

Three-times cooked octopus (Bravo).

Chef Dave’s Best Dessert Dishes From Below Deck Med

For the first dessert, Chef Dave whipped up a medley of wild fruit, hot chocolate fondue and vegan banana parfait dish for the charter guests.

Chef Dave’s first dessert was a chocolate fondue with a medley of fruit, as well as a vegan banana parfait (Bravo).

On the second night of the first charter, Chef Dave served a cake with a beautiful design on top.

The cake Chef Dave made that almost fell off the platter when serving guests (Bravo).

Chocolate bomb with white cheese cake inside (Bravo).

For the fourth dessert, Dave made a chocolate bomb with a white chocolate and ginger cheese cake put inside and hot chocolate sauce poured on top.

White lime ginger double-mirror glaze cake (Bravo).

The fourth dessert, Dave made a white chocolate lime and ginger with double mirror glaze on top.

For the third group of charter guests he made a false apple with chocolate ganache and banana and caramel core. The guests found the dessert absolutely scrumptious.

False apple with chocolate ganache (Bravo).

On the 50th birthday dinner, Dave baked a vanilla cake with butter cream icing.

Vanilla cake with butter cream icing (Bravo).

Chef Dave’s Best Breakfast Food From Below Deck Med

Chef Dave plates the spinach omelets (Bravo).

The first breakfast Chef Dave cooked a smorgasbord of food for the charter guests. The standout dish was an spinach omelet with bacon on the side.

Breakfast table with freshly baked pastries and bread every day (Bravo).

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