Viral From Indian Matchmaking: All You Need To Know

Viral From Indian Matchmaking Season 2: All You Need To Know

Here’s everything Indian Matchmaking season 2 fans need to know about Viral Joshi (Netflix).

For a very lucky few people, success just comes naturally. Being excellent is just their everyday. They know exactly what they want and know exactly how to get it without being underhanded or negative. Sure, they may exhaust and sometimes intimidate everyone around them, but you know they’re just being themselves. That’s Indian Matchmaking‘s Viral Joshi in a nutshell. Here are all the details you need to know about the 32-year-old season 2 star.

Viral’s Proud of Her Gujarati Heritage

The show doesn’t go too deeply into Gujarati culture, but it’s a huge part of Viral Joshi’s life. Even her name is Gujarati and means “deep thinker” and “rare, priceless”, which suits her personality. Family is deeply important to her and since they are a very tight-knit unit, she wants someone who can blend in easily.

Some Of Viral’s Amazing Accomplishments In Her Career

Just being trained as an endocrinologist, working as a senior researcher at a pharmaceutical developer, and paying off her medical school debt wasn’t enough. Viral Joshi designed and decorated her own home, which she fully owns and shares with pet kitty Xena. We see shots of her palatial living room all throughout her confessional segments in Season 2. She also loves to travel, which she shares on her Instagram.

Viral traveling in Russia.

Even Her Parents Are Intimidated By Her

Viral Joshi is an only child, and wants her future husband to be one as well. We don’t hear a lot about her upbringing, but her parents claim that Viral was always scary smart and determined, even as a little girl. When even your parents seem like they’re in awe of you, that’s when you know you’re on a whole other level.

Viral Doesn’t Settle

And as great as that is, it sometimes makes making a romantic connection hard. When Viral Joshi says, “I’m not looking for my other half. I’m a complete person,” most guys just aren’t going to clear that bar. Her first potential husband, Viral Kothari, found that out when she put him to the test choosing furniture together on their date. And, it seems like Viral understands that and doesn’t hold it against anyone. Even when Sima Aunty makes her usual “we get 60-70% of what we want” speech, Viral sets her straight by pointing out that she isn’t asking for anything she doesn’t already offer herself.

Viral Is An Introvert

Viral Joshi could conquer the world, but she doesn’t seem to like crowds of unfamiliar people or drama. Her top interests are solitary- reading, coffee, Pilates. Compared to some of the other flashier participants on Indian Matchmaking, such as jeweler playboy Pradhyuman or even Aparna, who took the hate she received and built a brand on it, she is far happier minding her own business and being around chill people. It’s a big reason why the quietly competent and extremely patient optometrist Aashay appealed to her, while her namesake Viral Kothari’s nervous energy turned her off. She will try absolutely anything once, however, from riding in a submarine to swimming with manta rays and discovering her own lack of prowess at rock climbing with Aashay on the show.

Indian Matchmaking‘s Viral Dresses For Success

Viral Joshi’s style is expensive, understated, professional, and above all, organized. Interviews keep coming back to her ridiculously systematized closet. Her Insta shows that she has an outfit (or three) for pretty much any occasion, location, or weather.

Don’t Lie… And Try Not To Be Late

Some, including Sima Aunty, have criticized Viral Joshi for being “superficial” and for rejecting potential matches for small flaws. Poor Jaymin Mehta, one of her dates in Season 2, was understandably freaked out when Viral made an issue out of one of his profile pics looking different from his IRL appearance. Maybe it was just an issue with the camera? But it seems that so long as you’re not thrown off when Viral throws you for a loop, you’ll be OK. Dr. Aashay has a persistent issue with being late that annoys perfectly punctual Viral, but because he takes it in stride, it doesn’t bother her as much as it could. She also looks past the fact that Aashay’s closet isn’t as organized as hers!

She’s Taking It Slow With Aashay

Long distance relationships are tough for anyone. However, Aashay Shah and Viral Joshi live over 500 miles apart despite everyone hoping they will tie the knot. Viral is devoted to her hometown of Durham, North Carolina. Aashay is pretty well established in NYC, but if we know Viral at all, it’ll have to be Aashay who relocates. In the meantime, they both seem happy to stay relevant thanks to constant “will they or won’t they?” speculation.

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