Below Deck: Heather & New Stew Kaylee Reveal Friendship Via IG Pics

Below Deck's Heather Chase & New Stew Kaylee Milligan
Below Deck season 9’s Chief Stew Heather Chase and her close friend Kaylee all dressed up for a night on the town (Screengrab, Instagram).

Heather Chase and likely Below Deck season 9’s new stewardess Kaylee Milligan are revealing they are close friends through Instagram pictures and video.

Heather, age 25 on the show, and Kaylee’s Instagram stories together has fans questioning the chief stew’s motives. Did she always plan to get her friend Kaylee on the show? Some fans of season 9’s Third Stew Jessica Albert thought Heather was way too hard on her. It didn’t help that the chief stew and Second Stew Fraser Olender would constantly backbite Jessica. They’d always talk behind Jessica’s back about how lousy a job she was doing, never really being all that supportive.

Now, some fans are wondering if there was an ulterior motive for Heather’s mean girl ways towards Jessica. Heather’s lack of patience and guidance for Jessica resulted in the third stew feeling helpless. She ended up quitting on the ninth episode. And once Jessica quit, Heather knew just the person to recommend to Captain Lee to hire as her replacement: her friend and former Second Stew Kaylee Milligan.

Below Deck’s Heather & New Stew Kaylee Look Like Close Friends From Instagram Stories

Throughout the past week, Chief Stew Heather Chase and Kaylee, age 25, have been posting a lot of pictures and videos of them together on Instagram.

Heather & possible Below Deck season 9 stewardess replacement Kaylee
Chief Stew Heather rollerblading with new stew Kaylee, who she recommends to Captain Lee as Jessica’s replacement after the original third stew quit Below Deck season 9 (Screengrab, Instagram).

After episode 10 aired, the two blonde bombshells dropped a couple of pictures of two hanging out together. Then there were Instagram stories of Kaylee and Heather having a “sleepover” together in casual wear.

Throughout the week, more images of two shot-gunning drinks in bikinis, drinking beers and working together were shared.

On Friday, Heather shared two photos of her annual Christmas tree burning. Then Kaylee shared an Instagram story of her having smores from a fire that was also shared by Heather.

In old stories of the two, Heather captions a photoshoot on the beach with Kaylee with “MY NUMBERO UNO”. In another video, posted by the thick-as-thieves duo, Kaylee uses a toy jet to shotgun a beer while popstar M.I.A.’s song “Paper Planes” plays as the soundtrack. The song’s lyrics are noteworthy: “Everyone’s a winner, we’re making our fame.”

Below Deck Season 9's Likely New Stew Kaylee
Below Deck season 9’s Chief Stew Heather Chase shared an Instagram story of her friend and colleague Kaylee shotgunning a beer (Screengrab, Instagram).

The Stews May Work On Another Yacht Together After Below Deck

Heather and Kaylee posted Instagram pictures of the two working on a yacht from six months ago. In one, Heather captioned a picture reading “Boss arrive in T-11 hours,” and “When [Kaylee] call for some help, YOU SHOW UP & show out.” It looks like Kaylee may have recruited Heather to help work as a stew on another yacht after Below Deck season 9. Maybe Kaylee is a stewardess in season 10, too, and its her turn to call for backup.

Older photos of the two hanging out on beaches and drinking are from a little over a year ago. This time period corresponds with when season 9 was filmed, all but confirming Kaylee boards My Seanna in episode 11. Further clues strongly suggest that Captain Lee agrees to hire Kaylee.

In a Below Deck season 9, episode 11 preview, Deckhand Rayna Lindsey and Fraser object to someone’s hiring. Considering Rayna’s feud with Heather, her objecting to Kaylee joining the boat makes a lot of sense. In an Instagram Q&A, Rayna hints her new roommate is Kaylee. Those will be tight quarters indeed!

Regardless what happens in the last four episodes and reunion of Below Deck season 9, there’s little denying Heather and Kaylee are very good friends.

However, was Heather mean to Jessica because she wanted to get her friend on the show? Or was Jessica just slow and out of her element while on the show? That’s up to Below Deck viewers to decide.

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