Frank From Below Deck Med: Meet Kyle’s Crush Charter Guest

Frank From Below Deck Med: Meet Kyle's Crush Charter Guest

Frank from Below Deck Med season 7 made quite a splash as a charter guest on episode 8, “Wine Im-Pairing”. Frank Fay caught the eye of Steward Kyle Viljoen when he joined his fellow LGBTQ+ friends as charter guests. Kyle became so infatuated by Frank that he ended up risking his job to flirt, and even kiss him, while working on charter! Chief Stew Natasha Webb even suggests Kyle could get fired, but being the fire starter  she is, encourages the romance anyway.

Kyle is drawn by Frank’s smile like a pirate to a siren mermaid. Now fans want to know who Frank Fay is and if Kyle and him date after Below Deck Med season 7 ended.

Who Is Charter Guest Frank, Kyle’s Crush From Below Deck Med Season 7

Frank Fay is a recruitment and marketing manager from New York City, according to his LinkedIn account. He currently works as a talent acquisition manager for a tech company.

Frank spends a lot of time partying with other members of the LGBTQ+ community in NYC, and it looks like the two are still friends since they live in the same city. Kyle is now dating a doctor named Zachary Riley and they live in NYC too. Frank also is in an Instagram official relationship of his own with his boyfriend Jared Tiller. They also share a pet dog together.

In an update after episode 8 aired, Kyle said that Frank and his partner are part of his “NYC goose clang”, but that Frank and him both found their love of their life. He also went on Watch What Happens Live a second time to dish to Andy Cohen why things didn’t work out with Frank, but that they did hookup.

Frank’s Instagram also shows he’s an avid traveler and bodybuilder. His birthday is at the start of June, making his zodiac sign Gemini. A lot of friends also say he is a model because of his toned physique. Kyle was really into Frank’s pecs, too, which became a funny meme Frank shared.

On the show, the instant connection between Frank and Kyle gets the second stew to risk his job by crossing professional boundaries. In episode 9 “Let Me Be Frank,” now available for Peacock TV app subscribers, Kyle kisses Frank. It was also shown in the Below Deck Med season 7 show preview back in June.

Although Kyle breaks the golden rule of yachties not fooling around with charter guests, it’s unlikely he’ll get fired. Instead, according to fans with early access, he gets reprimanded by Captain Sandy. What happened to Kyle and Frank’s budding romance won’t likely be answered until the Below Deck Med season 7 reunion episode.

Meanwhile, there lots of signs Deckhand Jason Gaskell quits, making him the second crew member to leave season 7 after Bosun Raygan Tyler was fired.

Primary Adam & Charter Guest Daniel Are Good Friends With Frank

Frank is good friends with primary Adam Spinner and charter guest Daniel, who is a lawyer from New York City. Daniel’s husband, Dr. Mike Pophis, also joined them on the charter. By all accounts, this group of charter guests loved their time on superyacht Home. From Chef Dave’s best food dishes, to the water toys to Kyle’s kiss, they really enjoyed themselves.

We’ll have to wait if the tip money for the charter reflects Kyle and the rest of the crew going above and beyond. Pics also show the charter guests partying with the Below Deck Med season 7 crew in a club. Will Frank and Kyle have an after-the-charter romantic rendezvous?

Meanwhile, fans think Kyle is way more into Frank than Frank is into Kyle. They also think his infatuation is pretty cringe, acting as if they’ve known each other way more than a day.

Below Deck Med season 7 charter guests Adam, Frank, Mike and Adam posing for a photo back in 2019 (Instagram).

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