BDDU: Charter Guest Josh’s Seizure & Epilepsy Explained

BDDU: Charter Guest Josh's Seizure & Epilepsy Explained

Below Deck Down Under season 2 has been a wild ride for the crew and various charter guests aboard superyacht Northern Sun. The group of macho Australian charter guests headed by Tom Shelton were having a rollicking good time drinking and ribbing each other before charter guest Josh’s seizure capsized the festivities.

At the end of episode 13, Bravo viewers were left with a cliffhanger after Josh suddenly collapsed at the dinner table. Fans though he was choking on Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph‘s Asian degustation menu she whipped up the for the all-men group of charter guests. That or he was having a sudden quadruple bypass with how violently he suddenly moved at the table. Captain Jason Chambers and the rest of the crew handled it like pros. Chief Stewardess Aesha Scott called the medic at the Cairns Marlin Marina and they sent a water taxi to attend to Josh promptly.

Well, it turns out Josh suffers from epilepsy, which means he’s sadly prone to seizures, per the sneak peak of episode 14.

The stewardesses were understandably shocked afterwards, and Jaimee Neale wasn’t at all impressed by deckhand Culver Bradbury’s lack of care for her. Instead he flirted and gave Chef Tzarina attention. So, rightfully so, he got the silent treatment. Aesha also had a wave of emotions hit her from the incident. She was reminded of her late brother having seizures due to brain tumors. Captain Jason was understanding and comforting to Aesha being upset.

Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Charter Guest Josh

Josh's friends upset after they helped him out during his seizure episode

Josh’s friends upset after they helped him out during his seizure episode (Bravo).

Josh’s friends weren’t surprised by his sudden seizure. Epilepsy or seizure disorder means the person afflicted can have a sudden seizure at any time that can last seconds or up to a few minutes. The fact his friends witnessed Josh having seizures before means he’s likely suffering from epilepsy. However, low blood sugar, high fever, withdrawal from alcohol or drugs, brain tumor, stroke, and some neurological diseases all can cause seizures too.

“It’s a seizure and it draws all that [energy] out of you,” Second Officer Joao Franco said.

Tom explaining to Aesha how Josh has had seizures in the past

Tom explaining to Aesha how Josh has had seizures in the past (Bravo).

“We have seen this before with Josh. He will be okay. When you see it for the first time, it can be quite confronting,” Primary Tom explained. Energy metabolize spikes to very high levels during a seizure, so Josh was exhausted after his episode. He sadly ended up staying in the hospital over night to rest instead of rejoining his friends. Thankfully he was okay, though. Fans were worried after the cliffhanger ending Josh died while on the show.

Not a lot more is known about charter guest Josh and his group of mates.

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