Love Is Blind: Who’s Marshall’s New Girlfriend Chay

Love Is Blind: Who's Marshall's New Girlfriend Chay

On the Love Is Blind season 4 After The Altar special, hopeless romantic Marshall Glaze debuted his new lady love. He seemed very happy after the traumatic try-hard experience of getting dumped by Jackelina Bonds. Nurse Chay Barnes got to meet Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell Brown, who supported Marshall after his bad break up with Jackie. Marshall told everyone that she was wife material and couldn’t stop talking about how amazing Chay was. But enough history: Who’s Marshall’s new girlfriend Chay?

Hopefully Marshall will be able to let things go with Jackie and Kacia Clark, who he dated briefly in a rebound. Kacia was very vocal about how Marshall wouldn’t stop apologizing, so she blocked him. Jackie mockingly called it an “apology tour,” though she and Marshall hugged at the end of After The Altar. And most importantly, he will hopefully be able to retire from “project management” forever.

Who’s Marshall’s New Girlfriend Chay: Education, IG, Nursing Jobs and Formal Titles, Events and Side Business

Marshall and his new girlfriend Chay on a date

Marshall and his new girlfriend Chay on a date (Instagram).

Dr. Chay Barnes already boasts 24,200 followers on her Instagram since her minor cameo on After The Altar. Formally, she is a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP), and a Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM). Her graduation was very recent, as she features her grad photo from June 7th. Her nursing education took place from 2014 to 2023 at Seattle Pacific University and the University of Washington.

She is the originator of The Wellness Series, which hosts events and provides “health and wellness inspiration” for professionals. She’s hosted networking events for nurses and Black Wall Street events. Chay loves to travel and has visited Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas, Aruba and has spent time studying in LA. Marshall has participated in several of her videos and even answered nursing questions for Nursing Week.

Chay graduating from her healthcare schooling

Chay graduating from her healthcare schooling (Instagram).

Love Is Blind: Who Is Chay? Real, Or For Show?

Doctor Chay Barnes at work

Doctor Chay Barnes at work (Instagram).

Marshall asked Chay to formally be his girlfriend on July 15, 2022, so they have been official for a year and a half. But, everyone from S4 except for Brett and Tiffany has their detractors and not everyone is convinced or impressed. Some Redditors think Marshall is trying too hard yet again to sell his new relationship. Vul-va says, “God why does Marshall still sound like he’s trying really hard to sell us his relationship with new girl. He sounds just like he did with Jackie why is he like this.” Life-Routine-9330 goes a bit further and suggests that Marshall is compensating for some tweets he had about how Black women gather together to tear their men down. He also tweeted about how he wanted a Latina girlfriend. “Latina girls know how to treat their dude!” “I want a Latina girlfriend, only so she could speak Spanish when we… Yea ? lol.”

Allaboutcats91 sums it up when they say, “I don’t think he spends enough time getting to know them beyond just “she’s so different from me!” before deciding that they actually are right for him.” Looks like Marshall’s going to have to apply his project management skills to himself according to these

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