Does Kwame Say Yes To Chelsea On Love Is Blind (Spoilers)?

Does Kwame Say Yes To Chelsea On Love Is Blind (Spoilers)?

Love Is Blind season 4 couple Alex Kwame Owusu-Ansah Appiah and Seattleite Chelsea Griffin definitely had a turbulent ride to the altar after getting engaged in the pods. First off, Kwame flirted shamelessly with his failed love-interest Micah Lussier by the pool, souring his romantic getaway at the resort in Mexico with Chelsea. From there, Kwame constantly complained about the “sacrifices” and “compromises” he’d have to make marrying Chelsea. On top of that, he again hit on Micah while at Chelsea’s birthday party. So, does Kwame say yes to Chelsea on Love Is Blind season 4 despite his cold feet?

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Does Kwame Say Yes At The Altar On Love Is Blind Season 4?

Kwame finally expressing his true feelings for Chelsea at the altar on Love Is Blind season 4

Kwame finally expressing his true feelings for Chelsea at the altar on Love Is Blind season 4 (Netflix).

A marriage certificate for “Appiah Kwame” and “Griffin Chelsea Lauren” was issued on May 24, 2022. Kwame and Chelsea filed for their marriage application on April 26, 2022, when filming Love Is Blind season 4. So the two got married on the show after Kwame said yes to Chelsea. Despite the cliffhanger ending on episode 11, there was little doubt Kwame was going to leave Chelsea at their wedding day after his emotional, impressive vows he did off the cuff.

“I love the sound of your voice, I love the way you make me feel. I love when we disagree because it brings us back together and let us know how strong we are. We get stronger by the moment. We get closer by the day. And the reason I didn’t need to write anything is because I will be able to tell you right now how I feel, and that’s not something I can write down,” Kwame said, making many in the audience tear up.

“I fell in love with your beautiful soul in an opportunity where I didn’t get to see your absolutely incredibly stunning shell. And I just cannot believe that I’m fortunate enough to stand across from somebody who is as captivating as you.”

Unless Kwame was completely insincere at the moment, and they married shortly after the failed wedding, Kwame most certainly says “I do” on the show.

Are Kwame & Chelsea Still Together After Love Is Blind Or Split & Getting A Divorce?

Although Kwame and Chelsea are keeping their relationship status and marriage a secret until the finale and live reunion episode are released, social media suggests they might’ve split.

Chelsea on TikTok mentioned “delusional radar”, perhaps a veiled reference to her missing Kwame’s interest in Micah and other red flags aired on the show. Meanwhile, Kwame’s recent Instagram story showed his apartment in Portland, Oregon, suggesting he didn’t make the move to Seattle to live with Chelsea.

Either way, whether Kwame and Chelsea stayed together, he’s got a lot to answer for from the show. Find out which other Love is Blind season 4 couples got married and who split here.

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