Love Is Blind Season 4 Reunion Spoilers For Live Episode

Love Is Blind Season 4 Reunion Spoilers For Live Episode

Netflix announced Love Is Blind season 4‘s reunion episode will be filmed live — a first for the streaming giant for any of its reality TV reunion shows — and will air on Sunday, April 16 at 8 p.m. EST or 5 p.m. PST. Nick and Vanessa Lachey and the Love Is Blind season 4 cast claimed there were no spoilers to share because it hasn’t filmed yet. But there are definitely some Love Is Blind season 4 reunion spoilers we can discuss from leaks, marriage records and a date spotting that will undoubtedly be revealed on the upcoming live episode.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

Love Is Blind Season 4 Reunion Spoilers: Jackie Is Dating Josh

Jackelina Bonds and Marshall Glaze‘s rocky relationship falls of a cliff in future Love Is Blind season 4 episodes. Episode eight ended with cauliflower-eared and self-described “Mr. Steal Your Girl” Josh Demas trying to convince Jackie to ditch her fiancé at a Seattle wine tasting events room location.


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? OMG – White Gangster

Jackie and Josh appear to most definitely be an item. The two were spotted at a Seattle Mariners baseball game together posted on TikTok. Jackelina posted IG stories of herself at the game, too. Furthermore, her friends allegedly leaked text messages on Reddit with Jackie. She allegedly talked about her issues with Marshall. And she also posted a video of her with “my man” of her and Josh.

REPOSTING (spoilers on jackie and marshall and other tea)
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According to Jackie, Marshall called her the most disgusting name in one of their fights and wasn’t always the sweetheart portrayed on screen.

The Love Is Blind season 4 reunion will undoubtedly have a lot of questions for Jackie to answer. Those include: Do you like “toxic love”? When did you and Josh start dating? Is your family doing okay now? And much more.

Chelsea & Kwame Got Married Despite His Wandering Eye For Micah

Fan-favorite Chelsea Griffin either ignored or plugged her nose regarding Kwame Appiah‘s red flags and the two said “I do” at the altar. However, Kwame’s Instagram story showing his Portland condo clean, instead of the dirty pigsty apartment viewers saw, suggests the two are either doing long-distance or are may be on the road to divorce.

Although not a full Love Is Blind season 4 reunion spoiler, Chelsea will face a lot of questions. Fans will wonder why she decided to marry Kwame when he showed the hots for Micah Lussier. Also, fans will want to see what she thinks of the Mexico resort flirty pool scene, and Kwame telling Micah he had feelings for her still at Chelsea’s birthday party.

Kwame’s got a lot of explaining to do regardless of where his relationship with Chelsea is at today.

Micah & Paul Broke Up & Did Paul & Amber Date Afterwards?

Nerdy environmental scientist Paul Peden didn’t get married to Micah on Love Is Blind season 4, per online marriage certificate records.

According to Love Is Blind alumna Deepti Vempati on her podcast Out of the Pods, sources told her and fellow alumna Natalie Lee the couple were just pretending for the cameras.

Either way, Micah will be grilled for her mean girl behavior, even if she already publicly apologized. She’ll also have to answer to her best friends Shelby and Micayla’s rudeness towards Paul. Also, where her friendship with Irina stands today.

Meanwhile, Paul and his other pods love-interest and twice-divorced Amber Wilder follow each other on Instagram. Could the two have dated after his breakup with Micah?

Love Is Blind Season 4 Reunion Spoiler: Zack & Bliss Are Happily Married

Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi got married on the show. Zack just celebrated his birthday again and Bliss posted an IG story of her buying cupcake ingredients, barely hiding the fact they’re happily together still.

On the reunion, fans need to know why so many of the season 4 ladies thought so lowly of Zack. Also, Bliss will have to explain why she took Zack back after she was dumped in the pods.

Meanwhile, Zacks ex fiancee Irina Solomonova‘s weak apology barely begins to cover the rude and mean things she did on the show. If she shows up for the live reunion she’ll inevitably get grilled. She’ll also have to answer for why she was trying to steal her best friend’s man.

Love Is Blind Season 4’s Brett & Tiffany Married Too

Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell were open books from the start. They were honest and forthright with each other and easily the most compatible couple from Love Is Blind season 4.

Brett and Tiffany married on the show and will provide some feel-good relief from the trainwrecks and attention-seekers on the reunion episode. Expect no surprises from these two.

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