Love Is Blind: Tiffany & Brett Got Married, Per Marriage Certificate

Love Is Blind: Tiffany & Brett Got Married, Per Marriage Certificate

Love Is Blind season 4 engaged couple Tiffany and Brett got married at the altar according to public records showing their marriage application and certificate.

During Love Is Blind season 3, Internet detectives spoiled the suspense of who gets married and who doesn’t. It’s pretty simple — really — just check the public court records. If someone was granted an application but did not get a certificate, then sadly they did not say yes at the altar (unless they went to another jurisdiction to get married, but that doesn’t make any sense ). Getting the certificate, then, would mean that the couple did get married. And so, it is already possible to tell which couples were successful on Love Is Blind season 4. Our first couple is probably the least surprising — the sensitive, emotional Tiffany Pennywell and the stable, self-made Brett Brown. These two had a very strong vibe and chemistry from the beginning and it’s no great shock that on Love Is Blind Tiffany and Brett got married.

Brett showed himself to be the most serious of the male competitors. Brett showed his vulnerable side, telling Tiffany about his older brother’s death and growing up in poverty.

Tiffany did fall asleep as Brett was pouring his heart out in the pods, leading to Brett showing some frustration. However, Tiffany was deeply sorry and Brett showed himself to be a forgiving and kind person. This will likely be a funny story for their families and possible children. We also know from the trailers that Tiffany experiences some conflicted feelings and possibly misses some important wedding moments. There’s also the mystery of how Brett and Tiffany’s families reacted after meeting them. However, none of this seems to matter in the end.

Love Is Blind season 4 couple Brett and Tiffany tied the knot on the show

Love Is Blind season 4 couple Brett and Tiffany tied the knot on the show (Netflix).

Love Is Blind: Brett and Tiffany Got Married According to King County Records

Tiffany and Brett applied for their marriage license on April 25, 2022 at King County, Washington, the part of Seattle where all five couples signed marriage applications. However, only three couples ended up getting marriage certificates, suggesting the other two Love Is Blind season 4 couples broke up. Brett and Tiffany’s marriage was made official on May 24 of 2022 when Love Is Blind season 4’s filming was wrapping up, which can been found on the King County website.

We also learn from King County’s records that Tiffany’s middle name is “Cheri” from the documents.

Season 4 also differs from the other seasons in that Tiffany and Brett were one of three couples that got married. Warning, more spoilers ahead!

The other two successful pairs are criminal defense attorney Zack Goytowski (after he split up with Irina Solomonova) and senior program manager Bliss Poureetezadi and Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin.

Unfortunately this means that Jackelina Bonds and Marshall Glaze were most likedly unsuccessful as were Paul Peden and Micah Lussier. All this will make for an interesting Love Is Blind season 4 reunion episode and the After the Altar special. It also means that these couples have been married for close to a year, and it must’ve been difficult to keep their love a secret for this long. Also, fans will be dying to know if the Love Is Blind season 4 married couples are still happily married like the season 1 and season 3 married couples, or did they end up in divorce like Love Is Blind season 2’s disastrous marriages.

The nuptial news was first reported by StyleCaster.

Love Is Blind: Brett and Tiffany Got Married — But What Was Their Wedding Like?

Tiffany taking her time before eventually saying "I Do" to Brett at the end of Love Is Blind season 4

Tiffany taking her time before eventually saying “I Do” to Brett at the end of Love Is Blind season 4 (Netflix).

We have no idea as of this time what Brett and Tiffany’s wedding vows looked like, and there are no pictures of Tiffany’s wedding dress yet. We’ve seen Brett’s irritation flare again over some last minute hiccup, as he says “This should not happen.” There is a shot of Tiffany crying and saying, “He sees things in me that I don’t always see in myself.” Brett’s a well-meaning but intense dude and he likely takes Tiffany places she wasn’t planning on going in their strong relationship. Watching them grapple with these highs and lows will make for must-see TV even if their married outcome is known.

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