Below Deck Med Season 9: Everything We Know About Show

Below Deck Med Season 9: Everything We Know About Show

BravoCon 2023 in early November 2023 announced some big news for the future of Below Deck seasons in 2024. Not only did fans get a preview of things to come on Below Deck season 11, premiering on Monday, Feb. 5, 2024, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, but fans also learned that Below Deck Mediterranean is renewed for another season, too. Below Deck Med season 9, likely filmed in the summer of 2023, will definitely be aired on Bravo in late 2024 or in early 2025.

Below Deck Med season 8 filmed in August and September of 2022. Previous seasons filmed in the prior summers a year before airing. However, season 8 started airing later in the year of 2023 compared to previous seasons, and season 7 aired later in its year of release than previous seasons as well. So, it looks like Below Deck Med season 9 may get released in September or November 2024, but it may even get pushed back to premier in early 2025.

Although Bravo hasn’t announced the official Below Deck Med season 9 cast, there certainly appear to be some standout cast members from season 8 who will almost certainly be returning.

Captain Sandy Yawn will almost certainly return as the superyacht’s captain. The only female captain in the show’s history has already led the show since season 2 and filled in for OG Captain Lee Rosbach for most of Below Deck season 10 due to his health issues.

Below Deck Med Season 9 Cast & Axed Crew Members

Luka Brunton likely returns as the bosun on Below Deck Med season 9

Luka Brunton will likely return as the bosun on Below Deck Med season 9 (Bravo).

Bosun Luka Brunton, who’s proved to be a certified player on Below Deck Med season 8 and Below Deck Down Under season 2, many fans thought would likely be back, too, because Captain Sandy gave him a good review at BravoCon 2023, which he also attended. However, a leaked photo of filming for Below Deck Med season 9 doesn’t show Luka as part of the crew. That said, the whole crew isn’t included in the photo, and judging by Below Deck casting loving to bring back players, there’s a strong chance he’s part of the crew.

Just some fun friday speculation for med season 9. Same guy?
byu/bravohusband inbelowdeck

However, the photo does show a bunch of new crew, something fans have been asking for after they found Below Deck Med season 8 had to many annoying returning crew members. One likely new deckhand is tatted Irishman Nathan Gallagher. His IG stories suggest Below Deck Med season 9 filmed in the Greek Islands, including Santorini.

Likely Below Deck Med season 9 cast member Nathan Gallagher

Likely Below Deck Med season 9 cast member Nathan Gallagher (Instagram).

Meanwhile, Natalya Scudder already made it clear she has quit the yachting industry and now works as a Playboy bunny. Fans will recall Natalya joined a long list of Below Deck crew who’ve quit the show after she couldn’t stand Kyle Viljoen bullying her and she wanted to chase after her philandering “open relationship” boyfriend AJ. Speaking of Kyle, after Captain Sandy’s comments on and off the show, as well as his lazy and whiny behavior, it’s safe to say Kyle won’t be back on Below Deck Med season 9.

Brit Chef Jack Luby didn’t really have a major standout and was hard to understand due to his thick accent, so it’s unlikely he was casted again. Max Salvador’s poor attitude and Lily Davison‘s struggles in interior suggest they both won’t be back. Ditto the barely on-screen deckhand Haleigh Gorman and passive-aggressive stewardess Jessika Asai. Finally, fans don’t believe Chief Stewardess Tumi Mhlongo will be called back, either, because she struggled to show leadership and quell drama in the interior department on season 8.

Below Deck Med season 6 Chief Stewardess Katie Flood recently appeared with co-star Malia White on Bravo’s Winter House. Some fans think she may return as the head of interior for Below Deck Med season 9, especially after she was referenced on Below Deck Med season 8 by Luka. Show Star News will update this with the latest news on the upcoming cast and other updates.

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