Who Got Married On Love Is Blind Season 3 (Spoilers): 2 Couples

Who Got Married On Love Is Blind Season 3 (Spoilers): 2 Couples

We now officially know who got married on Love Is Blind season 3 out of the five couples. Surprisingly to many, two couples said “I do” on their filmed wedding days. Don’t keep reading if you don’t want the spoilers of knowing who got married! The finale and reunion dropped on Netflix Wednesday, November 9, and confirmed a Texas woman’s research of county records showing two marriage licenses for two couples from the show.

Love Is Blind Fan Found Marriage Licenses For Two Couples On Love Is Blind Season 3

A Love Is Blind fan from Texas searched public records and found marriage licenses for two couples from Love Is Blind season 3 (TikTok).

“I know who gets married on Love Is Blind season 3 because of this little thing in Dallas County called public documents which are the marriage licenses,” said a Texan native with the TikTok account downlinepod. Her viral reveal video already has 415,000 views on TikTok. So, without further ado, here are the two couples who reportedly get married for certain. (Other couples may still have registered their marriage licenses elsewhere and got married, but it means it’s less likely.)

Alexa & Brennon Got Married On Love Is Blind Season 3

Brennon & Alexa Got Married On Love Is Blind Season 3 At Their Jewish Wedding

Brennon & Alexa got married on Love Is Blind season 3 at their Jewish wedding (Instagram).

Although the previews after episode 10 make it appear as if Brennon Lemieux gets cold feet and ruins their wedding day, it’s a red herring. Brennon and Alexa were the most obvious couple to get married out of all the engaged couples. Brennon mans up, despite the pressures of converting to Judaism and her rich dad Adam‘s high expectations, and marries Alexa Alfia. However, fans will have to watch the finale and reunion to find out what the drama was about. Alexa cries at their wedding and Brennon tells his mom he’s unsure the day of the wedding in the preview, but the actual finale doesn’t really show that.

Love Is Blind fans also didn’t get to see much of the Jewish wedding and marriage traditions in the finale, like Brennon’s family dancing the Horah. The other couple that definitely gets married per the Texan sleuth is far more shocking.

Matt & Colleen Also Tie The Knot On Love Is Blind

Colleen And Matt Get Married On Love Is Blind Season 3

Colleen and Matt get married on Love Is Blind season 3 despite their relationship issues and fights (Netflix).

A lot of fans will not see this coming. Professional ballerina and PR specialist Colleen Reed was more interested in Brennon and Cole Barnett before taking an interest in Matt. She first got rejected by her other two love-interests before taking a serious interest in Matt Bolton in the pods. Despite Matt getting unreasonably jealous and confrontational with Colleen, the two got passed their issues and tied the knot in the finale.

After 10 episodes, a lot fans are dragging Matt online. They’ve been bashing him on Twitter and Reddit for being to controlling, jealous and possessive of Colleen. Some fans don’t like how he’s pressuring Colleen to marry him. They also don’t like how he freaked out that she went to the club with other girls from the show. On top of that, apparently Colleen let him know she was going with her girl friends. But apparently Matt was too drunk to remember. They think there’s more to the story about his high school sweet heart leaving him for another man. The reunion should give some clarity on this.

In any event, fans will have to watch the Love Is Blind season 3 finale and reunion to get a better picture into how Matt and Colleen’s love story developed. One things for sure, the Matt and Colleen Love Is Blind memes will continue to be relentless.

Other Couples Said I Do Not But One Likely Still Together

Cole Looking Somber At His & Zanab's Wedding Day

Cole looking somber at his & Zanab’s wedding day on Love Is Blind season 3 (Netflix).

The Texan Love Is Blind season 3 detective did a follow-up TikTok video explaining how she doesn’t know if Colleen and Matt, or Brennon and Alexa, filed for divorce. She explained it’s harder to access those records and she didn’t do the steps involved to check. However, the reunion will explain all.

Meanwhile, Bartise Bowden says no to Nancy Rodriguez. There was strong Instagram evidence Raven Ross and SK (Sikiru) Alagbada are still together despite SK saying no at the altar. They’re still going strong.

Finally, Cole appears to be dating a new girlfriend, after Zanab Jaffrey savagely dumped him at the altar on the finale.

Love Is Blind fans wanting to know more about the Texan detective’s successful investigation can watch her first video here, and second video of her investigation here.

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