Does Barbie Get Fired On Below Deck Season 11? Clues She Stays

Does Barbie Get Fired On Below Deck Season 11? Clues She Stays

The Below Deck season 11 crew has a lot of cast members who may get fired by a severe Captain Kerry Titherdage. The captain ran a tight ship on superyacht St. David while chartering guests in Grenada in early 2023. Argentinian beauty and stewardess Barbara “Barbie” Pascual repeatedly pushed Chief Steward Fraser Olender‘s buttons and challenged his authority. In the early previews, he claimed Barbie had been a bi**ch to him. However, episode three, “Breaking Barbie,” things escalate. So, does Barbie get fired on Below Deck season 11?

Part of the blurb for episode three says, “After learning some heartbreaking information about Cat, Fraser urges Barbie to be kinder toward her, which in turn ignites a new feud between Barbie and Fraser.”

A bravo preview shows Barbie taking 30 minutes to make a “proper” margarita to the chagrin of Fraser and Co-Primary Charter Guests Steven and Tara Damen’s friend. Despite Fraser repeatedly telling her to speed things along, Barbie insisted in disregarding his orders.

“What is that? Is it a diary? Make the [bleeping] drink, take the orange juice and put it away and let’s go,” Fraser said in a confessional after seeing Barbie referring to a drink recipe book.

“I’m about five minutes away from losing control,” the fiery Latina said in Spanish after the tense interaction with her boss.

Fans will recall, on the first charter, Barbie already fought with co-star Cat Baugh. Instead of helping a greener Cat, she bashed her for being slow.

Does Barbie Get Fired On Below Deck Season 11? Clues She Stays (For Now)

So, does Barbie join the long list of fired Below Deck cast members? Later on in episode three, Fraser tries his best to get Barbie fired by talking about her insubordination to Captain Kerry.

“Barbie thinks that we’re all now against her. And I said, ‘That’s most certainly not the case, however, you have been vile to me,'” Fraser reported to his superior.

“And also what about the rest of the team?” Captain Kerry asked.

“We’ve seen signs of that. That was our first charter issue.”

“I don’t like letting anybody go, you can’t just go bang, bang, gone. Alright. But if you’re not fitting in, you’re not fitting in,” Captain Kerry responded.

“Yeah, not a team player,” Fraser said back, suggesting they fire her.

However, Captain Kerry asked what her strengths were and Fraser conceded she was good at service, has an eye for detail, and that she’s a good stewardess. The captain then suggested they try and get her to have an attitude readjustment.

Ben and Fraser hinted at more crew getting fired this season than on Below Deck season 10. However, Chef Anthony Iracane and Bosun Jared Woodin are on much thinner ice. Also, Cat is much slower and incompetent in the interior department. Furthermore, Barbie and deckhand Kyle Stillie have a torrid boatmance on season 11. So, she’s not getting fired any time soon.

However, the trailer shows Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby arguing with Fraser as heads of department and he hints that Fraser has lost way more crew in his department. So, it’s entirely possible later on in the season Barbie gets fired, too.

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