Kyle From Below Deck Season 11: Everything To Know

Kyle From Below Deck Season 11

Kyles on Below Deck don’t have the best reputation. Below Deck Mediterranean season 8‘s Kyle Viljoen infuriated fans by his bullying behavior and lazy excuses to get out of work. Below Deck Adventure season 1‘s Kyle Dickard didn’t last long before joining the long list of fired Below Deck cast members. Deckhand Kyle Stillie has a lot of work to do to rebuild the name of Kyle. So, who’s Kyle from Below Deck season 11? And will he leave a better impression with viewers than the Kyles who came before him?

Deckhand Kyle appears to love to be the life of the party of the Below Deck season 11 cast. Hopefully that doesn’t get him in trouble with Captain Kerry Titherdage. Kyle apparently can’t keep his trousers on after having several drinks. The previews show him getting completely naked on crew nights out. His party foul really gets on the nerves of Kyle’s romantic-interest on superyacht St. David, stewardess Barbara “Barbie” Pascual. “All I’m asking you is for you to keep your [bleep] in your pants.”

In the previews, Kyle says he’s Scottish “through and through” and that his thick accent really helps with the ladies. Kyle’s best friend while on the show was Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby. Apparently the two bonded over both being mild womanizers.

"The Dug" or Woogie Bear Paws is deckhand Kyle's beloved dog

“The Dug” or Woogie Bear Paws is deckhand Kyle’s beloved dog (Instagram).

Who’s Kyle From Below Deck Season 11: Instagram, Hometown, Birthday, Family, Tattoos, More

Kyle with some of the many friends he's met all over the world while traveling and working abroad

Kyle with some of the many friends he’s met all over the world while traveling and working abroad (Instagram).

Like a true Scotsman, Kyle loves Scotch whisky, drinking beers at the pub with his mates, and doesn’t mind wearing the odd kilt. Kyle grew up in Selkirk, Scottish Borders, Scotland, but his family now lives in the small coastal village of Cullen, Moray, where they run a bed and breakfast called Stravaig.

While living in Queenstown, New Zealand, for work at only age 21, he enjoyed a pretty wild lifestyle. “Skydiving, Bungee Jumping, River Rafting, Jet Boats, Canyoning, Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, Vineyards, ENJOI WINE TOURS (one of the best jobs I ever had) Live Music, Heaps of PUBS and so much more, a lot of firsts here for me, Queenstown really has it all,” Kyle said on his Instagram about the experience.

Kyle has several tattoos, but his most prominent is his flower of Scotland, the thistle, the country's national emblem

Below Deck season 11 deckhand Kyle has several tattoos, but his most prominent is his flower of Scotland, the thistle, the country’s national emblem (Instagram).

He then lived in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, for two years before the pandemic. Kyle and his mates while living in Canada got matching tattoos on their butts. Kyle bares that and lots of other tattoos while on Below Deck season 11 when, as aforementioned, he repeatedly goes streaking.

Kyle’s very close to his mom and his dog, “The Dug” or Woogie Bear Paws. He doesn’t have any siblings, but he’s very close with his cousins.

“Special mentions gotta go to Linda here, I’ve never had siblings but you’ve been the closest thing to a sister I’ll ever have, both growing up and into adulthood! On paper your my Cuz but you’re my Sister at heart mate, love you, never change, and I’ll do the same!” Kyle wrote in tribute to his one cousin.

He also recently visited Montana after he discovered his mom’s long-lost biological dad’s family lives there.

“So, my mother found out recently the story of her Birth Father, a Bitter/Sweet Story if u wanna check it out head to ITV’s Long Lost Family,” Kyle explained.

“John had unfortunately passed away in 1982, unaware he had any kids. However Johns brothers and sisters, all still living in Montana, have opened up their doors to us in such A beautiful way, all I can do is thank them, they are all so freaking awesome!”

According to Bravo, Kyle’s favorite pastime is drinking at the pub. Despite his rough and tumble exterior, including a facial scar likely from a pub fight, Kyle also loves to read and write, another fine Scottish tradition, of course.

Kyle’s birthday is May 7, making him a Taurus, which explains his enjoying the countryside and nature, and being loyal.

Whether Barbie and Kyle’s are still together after their boatmance on the show remains an open question. However she did visit Edinburgh, Scotland, shortly after Below Deck season 11 filming in Grenada ended. To find out spoilers from Below Deck season 11 go here.

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