Below Deck Season 11’s Captain Kerry Bio: All Fans Need To Know

Below Deck Season 11's Captain Kerry Bio: All Fans Need To Know

Australian Captain Kerry Titheradge already proved his credentials leading the Below Deck Adventure season 1 cast back during the charter season in the summer of 2021 in Norway. But can Captain Kerry fill the shoes of OG Captain Lee Rosbach now that he’s starring and leading the cast of Below Deck season 11? He certainly was a highlight on his previous season on what was otherwise viewed as a pretty boring iteration of the Bravo reality TV yachting show. After Below Deck Med season 8 disappointed a lot of fans, a lot is riding on Captain Kerry delivering a much better charter season. So, let’s take a closer look at who’s Below Deck season 11’s Captain Kerry to get to know him better.

“Growing up in the Australian Outback, I had to be tough. Adventure and danger for me, is just another day. I’ve been a captain nearly 30 years, and I’ve come across many, many personalities,” Captain Kerry said in a recent promo for season 11. “I’ve sailed all over the world. North America, the Atlantic, the Caribbean, but this is my first time in Grenada.”

Captain Kerry has over 30 years experience under his belt working on boats. The past two decades he’s worked in yachting as a captain. He’s previously sailed in the same waters as Captain Jason. He studied at the Australian Maritime College. Besides the aforementioned waters, Captain Kerry has sailed in the Pacific Northwest, Nordic seas, and throughout the Mediterranean.

Below Deck Season 11 Captain Kerry’s Yachting Experience & Other Previous Jobs

Below Deck season 11's Captain Kerry enjoying his new Porsche

Below Deck season 11’s Captain Kerry enjoying his new Porsche (Instagram).

Captain Kerry first got into the industry after seeing a job posting in the classifieds. “I ended up seeing this job in the newspaper, to be a deckhand on a parasailing boat.”

“When I was in my early 20s, I ran a dive boat that was offshore. And the dive crew was supposed to do the cooking. And they were too busy, so I did it,” Captain Kerry explained about one of his first jobs in the boating industry.

Before that he had several other jobs, including likely working pest control, where he was “crawling through roofs, dodging killer snakes and killer spiders.” He also previously worked as an electrician and mechanic.

Throughout his yachting career, his favorite places he’s visited are Dubrovnik, Croatia, and Turks and Caicos.

The Australian expat is also the founder and CEO of Yachting Concepts, offering boat services including yacht delivery, crew management, and yacht management.

Captain Kerry looked forward to trading in the colder and deeper water of the fjords for warm Caribbean waters.

“It’s a world heritage area,” Captain Kerry told Entertainment Weekly back in an interview about the waters in Norway just before Below Deck Adventure aired on which premiered on Bravo in November 2022. “They’re very strict on where you can anchor. If you can imagine, like, the depth of the fjords is like the Himalayas, and I’ve got to drop my anchor on Mount Everest. If it slides off Mount Everest, I can’t get it back up again.”

Below Deck S11 Captain Kerry’s Bio: Family, Ex Wife, Girlfriend, Dog, Birthday, Age & More

Captain Kerry with his best buddy and loyal dog Benny

Captain Kerry with his best buddy and loyal dog Benny (Instagram).

Captain Kerry’s Instagram shows he’s absolutely loving his life outside of his newfound celebrity status. Originally born in Brisbane, Australia, Kerry’s lived in Florida for many years and has dual citizenship. Captain Kerry and his ex-wife Jennifer Titheradge (nee Adams) sold their house in Palm Beach Gardens after divorce proceedings started back in 2019. After accusations from his ex wife that Captain Kerry quit his job and withdrew large sums of money before initiating the divorce, which he adamantly denied, the two had their divorce finalized in 2020.

Kerry and his ex wife, who’s from Winnipeg, Canada, agreed to joint custody of their two kids, son Sawyer, age 14, and daughter Shaye, 12. Captain Kerry started dating his now long-term Turkish girlfriend Ghönül Bihan in the middle of 2020. “I celebrated [my divorce] recently with a bottle of Cristal,” Captain Kerry said on Below Deck Adventure. “And my girlfriend and I drank it together.”

Ex wife Jennifer with Captain Kerry back in the day

Ex wife Jennifer with Captain Kerry back in the day (Facebook).

“I’ve been dating my girlfriend, Gönül, for a little over a year,” Captain Kerry also said on the previous season. “She’s from Turkey. We worked together quite a few years ago. She was the chief stew. She actually quit after a few months because she didn’t like the way I ran a boat.”

“A few years later, after I got divorced, we reconnected,” he added. “Eventually, she opened up. She’s helped me become a better person. And that’s pretty special.”

Gönül and Captain Kerry travel all over the world together, including cruises and vacations, and they typically fly first class. his girlfriend is also quite close with his children and Pomsky dog Benny, who’s a rescue and is often mistaken for a Husky. “He’s perfect size, my daughter can carry him. He’s gorgeous.” Benny often has playmates because Captain Kerry likes to take in other dogs as a foster home.

Girlfriend Ghönül Bihan with Captain Kerry

Girlfriend Ghönül Bihan with Captain Kerry (Instagram).

Captain Kerry is currently age 48, and celebrates his birthday on December 11, per his Facebook profile. Captain Kerry’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius, which explains his adventurous side.

In his spare time, he loves taking his motorboat out, taking friends and family tubing. He also big into surfing on his e-foil, as well as doing extreme sports like snowboarding, motorbiking, and paragliding. He also loves his cars, including his truck and new Porsche.

“I’ve been gone two months. My kids are used to me being away. When they were first born, I was gone about 10 months of the year. And every year after that I was home more and more. It’s fantastic now that we can do video chats, [I can] see them grow,” he said on Below Deck Adventure.

Captain Kerry is also taking Turkish lessons and learning to fly airplanes.

Captain Kerry’s Stern Leadership Style & Friends From Below Deck Alumni

Captain Kerry with his Turkish girlfriend back in the day

Kerry with his Turkish girlfriend back in the day (Bravo).

“Our job is to give them the adventure of a lifetime,” explained Kerry about providing charter guests with the greatest experience possible on superyacht Mercury in Norway.

“The way I run is a vessel is I’m firm but fair. I know that people tend to push boundaries, but if you push them too far you’ll know all about it,” Captain Kerry warned his crew.

On Below Deck Adventure, deckhand Kyle Dickard found out the hard way by inappropriately hitting on a stewardess and threatening another deckhand with violence. Captain Kerry canned Kyle, adding him to the long list of fired Below Deck cast members.

“I expect perfection,” Captain Kerry said in the trailer for season 11. “You work hard you’ll be rewarded. You [bleep] around and I will [bleeping] turn in a heartbeat.”

Captain Kerry also mentioned how he likes to let his crew know they have my support, but that he’s not a helicopter dad.

Below Deck season 11’s Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby said about Captain Kerry’s leadership: “You either sink or swim with Captain Kerry. And rightly so, he’s come onto a 190-foot yacht, which is huge. He doesn’t know any of the crew, he’s gotta get through six weeks of charter and I don’t blame him now for being as stern as he was. I would have probably been even more sterner if my license was on the line,” Ben said to E! News.

“He’s very stern,” Ben added, “very much a captain who says ‘if you mess up, that’s strike one.’ Whereas if you got Captain Sandy, she’s very much like a motherly figure, kind of comforting, wants you to learn and nurture. And Captain Lee is just very much ‘all right, you messed, up do better.'”

Despite being tough on the job, Captain Kerry is good friends with lots of Below Deck alumni. He’s very close with OG Chief Stewardess Adrienne Gang. He also loves going golfing with Captain Lee.

He’s also still close with his “ADVENCHAA” crew, as well as the other Below Deck captains, Below Deck Med season 7’s Chef Dave White, Ross Inia (who worked for him), Below Deck Med seasons 7 and 8 stewardess Natalya Scudder, replacement stewardess Elena Dubich, Below Deck Down Under Chief Stewardess Aesha, and Adrian from Season 1 of the original show.

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