Below Deck Adventure’s Kyle Dickard: Age, IG, Job, Firing

Below Deck Adventure's Kyle Dickard: Boatmance, Age, IG, Job

Below Deck Adveture‘s Kyle Dickard appears to stir up some drama aboard superyacht Mercury off the coast of Norway in the Bravo spinoff show. Captain Kerry Titheradge at one point reprimands Deckhand Kyle after fellow Deckhand Nathan Morley files a complaint against him for threatening him with violence or to “tussle”. On top of that, the previews made it look like he got in a boatmance with Chief Stewardess Faye Clarke. However, the previews were deceptive and he was fired at the end of the third episode. Kyle’s Bravo bio mentions his “southern charm often gets him out of trouble” but that a “disagreement” with another crew member gets him in “hot water”, foreshadowing his firing. So who’s Below Deck Adventure‘s Kyle Dickard? Here’s everything you need to know about the new deckhand and troublemaker.

Below Deck Adventure Deckhand Kyle Dickhard’s Instagram, Job, Age, Birthday & Hobbies

Kyle’s Instagram reveals he is a party animal who loves to travel. Many of his photos and stories show the young native Texan drinking at clubs and boats around the world. He’s been to places in Canada, the Bahamas, Cuba, Mexico, and South Africa. Kyle also likes to hobnob with famous celebrities like UFC champion Colby Covington, influencer Summer Pardi, and comedian Jeff Ross.

Below Deck Adventure's Kyle Dickard Partying With Summer Pardi

Below Deck Adventure Deckhand Kyle Dickard parties with influencer Summer Pardi (Instagram).

Kyle Dickard Gets Selfie With Comedian Jeff Ross

The Texan deckhand Kyle gets a selfie with comedian Jeff Ross (Instagram).

Below Deck Adventure's Deckhand Kyle Dickard Chills With MMA Champion Colby Covington

Below Deck Adventure‘s Dickard hangs out with MMA Champion Colby Covington (Instagram).

Kyle looks up to UFC champion Colby Covington who he calls his coach. Besides being a fan of mixed martial arts fighting, Kyle also loves golfing and cracking jokes. The funnyman looks like he may be an aspiring comedian.

Below Deck Adventure's Kyle Dickard Joking Around

Below Deck Adventure‘s Kyle Dickard pretending to eat a raw fish (Instagram).

Perhaps Kyle shouldn’t quit his day job quite yet, which has been working as a deckhand on boats the past five years. Although Kyle hasn’t disclosed his age, Bravo says he started working on yachts five years ago at the age of 19. That would make Kyle around 24 or 25 years-old. His birthday is on January 18.

Throughout the first few episodes of Below Deck Adventure, Kyle told cameras and crew members about him growing up with a mom that was in and out of jail. He also grew up poor and had to work from a young age to support himself. His mom was barrel racer and had another woman accuse her of stealing and cheating, which caused her to go to jail.

Kyle also has some tattoos on his left chest and shoulder. His one tattoo on his arm is the wording “Cowboy”.

“I usually set my own rules because I’m a cowboy,” Kyle tells viewers in episode one. He certainly is already pushing boundaries in the first episode when he went under Chef Jess Condy (who was wearing a skirt no less) when she was getting something out of storage and was suspended above a flight of stairs.

Deckhand Kyle Dickard’s Doesn’t Get In A Boatmance With Chief Stewardess Faye Clarke

Below Deck Adventure's Deckhand Kyle Dickard's Boatmance With Chief Stew Faye Clarke

Below Deck Adventure‘s Deckhand Kyle Dickhard embraces Chief Stew Faye Clarke while she’s working (Bravo).

Below Deck fans thought there was a rumored yachtie romance between Kyle and Chief Stewardess Faye Clarke. One scene in the trailer shows Faye jumping on what appears to be Kyle and passionately kissing him. Another scene shows Kyle embracing Faye from behind above deck while in uniform.

“I love tall guys. The bigger the boat, the more stuff you have shall we say,” Faye says in an interview on the trailer. It turns out it’s likely the replacement deckhand who Faye gets in a boatmance with.

Chief Stew Faye Kissing Much Younger Kyle on Below Deck Adventure

Chief Stew Faye Clarke kissing a mystery crew member after Deckhand Kyle Dickard was fired on Below Deck Adventure season 1 (Bravo).

It doesn’t look like the Faye and her romance with Kyle’s replacement lasted long, however. Faye is now in a long-term relationship. Meanwhile, Kyle looks to be very much enjoying the single life like his only night in Norway.

Below Deck Adventure's Chief Stewardess Faye Clarke With Apparent Boyfriend

Below Deck Adventure‘s Chief Stewardess Faye Clarke in one of several posts with her apparent boyfriend (Instagram).

Deckhand Kyle Dickard Fired From Below Deck Adventure

Does Deckhand Kyle Dickard Get Fired From Below Deck Adventure?

Fans weren’t surprised to see Deckhand Kyle Dickard get fired from Below Deck Adventure, however other clues suggest Deckhand Michael Gilman may also walk the plank (Bravo).

Below Deck Adventure producers put up a job posting on Instagram for a new deck crew member midway through filming season 1. Not only did Kyle talk back to Bosun Lewis Lupton, saying, “This is the face of a guy who gives a [bleep]”, but he’s also told by the captain he’s been reported for inappropriate behavior. He also inappropriately hit on Stewardess Kasie Faddah and was hitting on female charter guests inappropriately. He also randomly ate a jellyfish and was overall just rude everywhere he went. Finally, he threatened Nathan with violence, which forced Captain Kelly to fire him immediately.

However, Bravo’s bio on Michael suggests he may get fired, too. Michael has no experience in the yachting world, previously working on commercial vessels. His Bravo bio also states: “With pressure from his deck team and cross-department drama, Mike must decide if the ‘white boat’ life is made for him.” It looks like there’s a high chance Michael quits or gets fired, too.

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