Below Deck Season 11 Spoilers: Firings, Replacement Crew, Boatmances, More

Below Deck Season 11 Spoilers: Firings, Replacement Crew, Boatmances, More

After a pretty bad Below Deck Mediterranean season 8, fans have a lot riding on their hopes Below Deck season 11 rights the ship and delivers a more enjoyable charter season. That said, fans really want to know if they can expect some more enjoyable drama while still getting a better crew who focus more on providing amazing service for charter guests. Well, Show Star News has take a deep dive to find out what fans can expect. Here are all the Below Deck season 11 spoilers, including firings, replacement crew members, expected boatmances and more.

Below Deck season 11 filmed throughout February 2023 in Grenada back on superyacht St. David. Besides the big news that Below Deck Adventure season 1‘s Captain Kerry Titheradge replaced OG Captain Lee Rosbach, the Below Deck season 11 trailer officially revealed Below Deck season 10‘s Chief Steward Fraser Olender and Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby returned for another charter season, too. Otherwise, the Below Deck season 11 cast are all brand new crew on the show.

Below Deck Season 11 Spoilers: Firings

Bosun Jared Woodin on Below Deck season 11

Bosun Jared Woodin on Below Deck season 11 (Bravo).

Below Deck season 11’s Bosun Jared Woodin throughout the previews proves to be a royal pain in the ass for Captain Kerry. At one point he drops the anchor to far.

“You’ve got two-and-a-half shots in the water,” said Jared.

“I asked for one shot,” Captain Kerry said, clearly annoyed.

Things only deteriorate from there.

“Hold your distance!” Jared yells in another moment during a docking.

“I’m getting no information,” Captain Kerry said, worried about crashing the boat.

The previews suggest Jared will be the fall guy fired, then Ben will replace as the leader of the deck crew.

“I operate in feet. I have to translate it into meters,” Jared explains in another scene as editors put in a bunch of math symbols mocking him.

“I’m sorry, but I feel dumber when I’m around him,” Ben says about Jared.

“I’m trying to sleep. I can hear you two decks up,” Captain Kerry also said in the previews to Jared after he was extremely loud after a drunken crew night out.

The eventually-fired bosun also threw provisions at the head of a stewardess by accidentally.

It’s pretty obvious Captain Kerry fires Jared at some point, especially with a replacement deckhand discovered.

“I am so [bleeping] mad. It’s a total disregard of my authority,” Kerry also says in the trailer, making it clear someone’s getting fired.

“I never saw that coming ever,” Fraser said in response as Jared likely gets escorted off the boat and sent to shore on another boat. Jared definitely gets fired.

The previews also hint at stewardess Cat Baugh having issues, too. Show Star News confirmed a replacement stewardess joins the crew (more on that below), so it looks like Cat may quit or get fired, too. She cried on the first charter, also another bad sign she won’t make it through the season. Below Deck season 11 episode descriptions also hint at Cat leaving early. “Cat struggles to find her place within the crew,” reads part of episode 4’s synopsis.

Stew Cat Baugh on Below Deck season 11 cast

Stew Cat Baugh on Below Deck season 11 cast (Bravo).

However, Chef Anthony Iracane also looks to be on the chopping block. His tardiness on producing a four-course meal for the hot-tub hookup charter guests on the maiden voyage upset Captain Kerry. More issues arise in the galley on episode 3. “Chef Anthony struggles to keep up with the demands of feeding both the guests and the crew, prompting Captain Kerry to step in.”

However, even more cast may get fired. Fraser and Ben claim more crew members than Below Deck season 1o get fired, and some familiar faces join the crew as replacements. Season 11 stewardess Xandi Olivier‘s huge anxiety and excessive partying could result in her getting fired, too. Or Latina bombshell Barbara “Barbie” Pascual could get fired for being insubordinate with Fraser, which show episode blurbs allude to their falling out.

Below Deck Season 11 Spoilers: Replacement Crew

Replacement deckhand Dylan working on another superyacht

Replacement deckhand Dylan working on another superyacht (Instagram).

Jared gets replaced by a yachtie deckhand and bodybuilder named Dylan De Villiers, who’s from Langebaan, South Africa. Dylan’s Instagram confirms he follows and is followed by much of the crew.

Below Deck season 11 replacement cast member Paris Field

Below Deck season 11 replacement cast member Paris Field (Instagram).

Meanwhile, Below Deck season 9‘s Lead Deckhand Jake Foulger‘s fake fiancée Paris Fields is a replacement stewardess on Below Deck season 11. Bravo’s cast list for the show reveals two crew members list “Paris” as one of their closest friends on the boat. Upon looking at who the crew follow on Instagram, most of them are now friends with Paris Fields. The stunning blonde model, influencer and yachtie was frequently mentioned by Jake on season 9. He claimed they were faking an engagement to help her move to the UK from Australia.

There’s likely at least one more replacement crew member from a previous season because Ben said to E! News, “You’re in for seeing a few more familiar faces, one a little bit more familiar than you would expect.”

Factoring in beloved Below Deck season 10 stewardess Hayley De Sola Pinto spent time hanging out with Ben and Fraser in LA in the summer of 2023, it’s likely she’s a replacement on the show, too.

Below Deck Season 11 Boatmances & Drama

Ben, “the stew slayer”, gets up to his player ways once again on Below Deck season 11.

“I feel disrespected in many ways,” Quebec-native and deckhand Marie “Sunny” Marquis tells Ben after he apparently ditches her for someone else on the show.

“Go [bleep] yourself,” Marie yells at Ben at one point in the season. It looks like he starts a boatmance with two female co-stars again. It’s similar to him hooking up with both Camille Lamb and Leigh-Ann Smith on Below Deck season 10, later ghosting the latter.

Another confirmed boatmance is between Scottish deckhand Kyle Stillie and Barbie. The torrid romance apparently bothered Fraser, who says they were going at it like dogs. However, Barbie and Kyle likely didn’t last outside the show.

Possible Below Deck season 11 stew Xandi Olivier

Below Deck season 11 stew Xandi Olivier (Instagram).

So, that leaves Xandi and Paris as the other two girls Ben may start a boatmance with. It wouldn’t be all that surprising if the player fooled around with both of them. The trailer for season 11 shows him kissing a brunette who’s either Xandi or Barbie (Sunny’s hair lighter). Despite their issues, Sunny and Ben may still be together after the show.

Finally, previews show Fraser makes out with a charter guest named  after charter in the club.

As for work drama, it looks like Barbie and Cat don’t get along. Fraser also accuses Barbie of being mean and disrespecting his authority.

“I heard something today from Cat. Wasn’t sorta happy with ya,” Ben tells Barbie in the preview.

“Please don’t get involved in interior drama,” Fraser later tells Ben.

“Mate, you’ve had way more people let go on your side. End of story,” Ben responds.

“[Bleep] you, Ben!” Fraser blasts.

The fact Ben and Fraser are talking about their two departments further confirms Ben takes over for a fired Jared. However, Ben apparently goes through growing pains as the leader of the deck crew.

“You think I’m a [bleeping] joke?” Captain Kerry yells at Ben and Kyle.

Fraser and a gay charter guest kissing passionately on a crew night out

Fraser and a gay charter guest kissing passionately on a crew night out (Bravo).

Charter Guests On Below Deck Season 11

Chef Anthony is also a food truck entrepreneur

Chef Anthony is also a food truck entrepreneur (Instagram).

Thankfully the charter guests on Below Deck season 11 appear to bring a lot more drama than recent iterations of the franchise.

One charter guest trashes Floridian yacht Chef Anthony’s amazing food dishes.

Charter guests on Below Deck season 11

Charter guests on Below Deck season 11 (Bravo).

“I’ve had some filets in my life, and that’s some chewy ass [bleep],” the rude charter guest said.

Two charter guests hook up in the hot tub on episode 2, basically in front of crew members. Also, Real Housewives Of New York alumna Jill Zarin is apparently the most difficult charter guest on Below Deck season 11.

Also, ridiculous Below Deck Down Under season 2 charter guest Brandon McLaughlin returns to stir up more drama. Fans will recall he jumped into the ocean at night, alongside Kristyl Nelson, and nearly got his entire group of friends kicked off their charter. It’s unclear if Kristyl is back to start squawking fights again too.

Fans also suspect Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain may return as a charter guest on Below Deck season 11. In the opening cast introduction they thought a woman’s voice talking about Chef Anthony sounded just like Kate.

One things for certain, however, Below Deck season 11 spoilers reveal the latest season will likely return Below Deck back to the fun show fans expect to watch.

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