Jewish Matchmaking: Are Nakysha & Evan Still Together

Jewish Matchmaking: Are Nakysha & Evan Still Together

Jewish Matchmaking plus-size star Nakysha Mays-Osadche surprised some show fans because of her superficiality in wanting her future partner to have a full head of hair and being fit. However, other founds her directness and confidence inspiring. The 26 year-old from Kansas City wasn’t feeling her first date with Ryan, who was bald and suggested eating ribs with cutlery. But North Carolinian Evan Carmusin was more to her liking. They bonded over the meaning behind their tattoos and dancing. But are Nakysha and Evan still together after their date on Jewish Matchmaking?

Are Nakysha & Evan Still Together After Jewish Matchmaking

Nakysha and Evan getting cozy on their date on Jewish Matchmaking

Nakysha and Evan getting cozy on their date on Jewish Matchmaking (Netflix).

Nakysha gave Evan a ten for personality and a nine for looks on their date, showing she was really into the 38 year-old DJ. Evan brought flowers to the date and also appeared very interested in his date. He even promised to do all the cleaning if Nakysha would do all the cooking if they ended up together.

So, after filming wrapped up what happened to these fledgling love birds? Evan promised to reveal his relationship status with Nakysha some point on his Instagram but is still keeping a lid on it. He still lives in North Carolina after Jewish Matchmaking filmed through the summer of 2022.

Meanwhile, Nakysha’s Instagram also doesn’t address what happened to the prospective cute couple. However, Nakysha’s TikTok announced she will be at a Jewish Matchmaking party in New York City on Wednesday, May 17, 2022. Perhaps Nakysha and Evan will reveal their relationship then. She still appears to live in Kansas City, so unless the two are doing a long-distance relationship the promising date might not have went anywhere. If it didn’t, Nakysha’s liking guns or her being anti Orthodox and conservative may have been deal breakers for Evan.

Fans certainly were rooting for the two to work out, though.

“I really like the vibe between Nakysha and Evan. They seem really similar and they look cute together,” said one viewer on Twitter.

“If Nakysha & Evan don’t work out, at least she will have a fun BFF to hang out with, because they have that vibe,” another fan tweeted.

The end of Jewish Matchmaking shows Evan and Nakysha went on a second date from a picture shown before the credits, so it looks like they at least gave dating each other a chance.

We’ll have to wait for official confirmation from Evan and Nakysha on where their relationship stands today. In the mean time, see if any of the other Jewish Matchmaking cast members are dating still.

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