The Ultimatum: Who April Marie Is Dating Now, Is It Jake? (SPOILER)

The Ultimatum stars April Marie Melohn and Jake Cunningham brought the drama to the reality TV Netflix show. Fans can’t wait to find out what happened to the couple after they feuded and made up on the show. And now they don’t have to. The the spoiler was released on Instagram (stop reading now if you want to wait for the finale).

For fans who can’t wait to find out if the couple ended up staying together, read on.

April Is Dating New Boyfriend Cody B. Cooper

The closely guarded secret if April and Jake stayed together after The Ultimatum was let out of the bag early. April’s apparent new boyfriend Cody Cooper revealed they were dating by posting Instagram stories. The first story Cody posted included two pictures of April and himself in warm embraces at the Encore Beach Club at the Wynn in Las Vegas (posted below). The second story had Cody sitting between his new girlfriend April and a friend of his.

Before Cody dropped Instagram stories of the couple, April posted pictures of her in Las Vegas.

April’s apparent new boyfriend Cody Cooper posted Instagram stories with a few pictures of him dating The Ultimatum star (Screengrab, Instagram).

After the weekend in Vegas, Cody and April flew in a private jet. Cody is currently down in Tulum, Mexico, where he calls home. April also talked about how much she adores Cody in The Ultimatum reunion episode. She said they never fight and that he is very excited to marry her and that they’ve discussed having kids. She also said she is grateful she gave Jake an ultimatum because it led her to Cody.

So the trials and tribulations of The Ultimatum ended the relationship between April, age 24, and Jake, age 27. The couple faced a lot of challenges after Jake and Rae hit it off in the trial marriage. When April and Jake reunited they had a couple of massive fights. Jake found out that April, age 23 on the show, had flirted and exchanged contacts with a guy in a club (maybe Cody?). April looked through Jake’s phone and found he had taken video footage of Rae’s butt while she was dancing. April then told Jake she thought she was pregnant, which fans believe was a fake pregnancy scare. Jake also at least kissed Rae several times on the show.

In the end, it must’ve been to much strain on the relationship for it to withstand. On Thursday, April 14, April posted a video of photos of her with Cody.

Who Is April’s Apparent New Boyfriend Cody Cooper

Cody Cooper promoting his real estate brokerage Sprout Realty on Instagram (Screengrab).

April’s new boyfriend Cody Cooper is an owner of a real estate brokerage called Sprout Realty. He is also the co-owner of a vaping vending machine company called Kwik Rip. April’s tattooed new boyfriend appears to be a lot more successful than Jake was on the show. Cody’s Instagram reveals he owns nice cars, homes and loves to live in luxury. Cody travels the world and loves boating. He also rides motorcycles and sports cars. He also enjoys golf, guns and cigars.

The Austin Texan entrepreneur is also working on releasing his own men’s underwear clothing line. Cody also wears a lot of designer clothes and is a fan of haberdashery. He often wears top hats and cowboy hats.

Cody started his own realtor business at age 24. He’s now 30 years old.

What Happened to Jake & Rae After Break Up With April

Rae broke up with her ex boyfriend Zay Wilson while still on the show. On Instagram Rae and Jake didn’t post anything together or with other significant others. On the finale it looked like Jake and Rae were going to become a couple. However, in the reunion episode Rae revealed that Jake and her returned to their partners. April and Jake lived together again but it didn’t work out. Zay and Rae were together after the show trying to work on things but it ultimately failed. Rae also revealed that she is now exploring her bisexuality and is dating a woman.

To find out more revelations after the reunion episode follow The Ultimatum‘s cast on Instagram here.

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