The Ultimatum Memes: Best Memes & Tweets On The Netflix Show

Ever since The Ultimatum hit number one on Netflix last week, fans have been coming up with hilarious memes and tweets of the show’s cast. On Reddit, The Ultimatum subreddit became a meme factory for the ridiculousness of the show. Twitter users also chimed in with their thoughts on the cast’s misbehavior.

Below are the best The Ultimatum memes and tweets from Twitter of the reality TV stars of the train-wreck show.

The Ultimatum Memes & Tweets On April & Jake

The memes on April and Jake didn’t hold punches. But they still got it easier than most of the other cast members.

(Screengrab, Reddit).

The Ultimatum Memes & Tweets On Lauren & Nate

Fans were not kind to Nate and Lauren. Recent evidence just surfaced about the relationship status of the two.



The Ultimatum Memes & Tweets On Rae & Zay

Rae took a lot more of the heat from the memes and tweets online.

The Ultimatum Memes & Tweets On Madlyn & Colby

Find out more about Madlyn’s friends here.

The Ultimatum Memes & Tweets On Alexis & Hunter

Not surprisingly most of the memes on this couple were targeting Alexis. Hunter didn’t say a whole lot.

(Screengrab, Reddit).
(Screengrab, Reddit).
(Screengrab, Reddit).
(Screengrab, Reddit).

The Ultimatum Memes & Tweets On Shanique & Randall

Randall and Shanique got their fair share of dragging online too from memes and comments on Twitter.

The Best Memes & Tweets on the show The Ultimatum

Here are the best tweet commentary on The Ultimatum from fans.

The Ultimatum‘s season finale and reunion episodes come out on Netflix on Wednesday, April 13.

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