Corrina From Dated & Related: Job, Age, Relationship Status

Corrina From Dated And Related: Job, Age, Relationship Status, Religion & More

Corrina from Dated And Related struck out several times on finding love in the villa in southern France. However, it wasn’t from Corrina’s brother Joey Roppo‘s lack of trying as her wingman. Corrina Roppo repeatedly went head first in trying to find love with guys on the show. First she aggressively let Kaz Bishop know she had her eye on him. After he rejected her, Corrina told Daniel Perfetto she was into him. He eventually rejected her, too, deciding to go after twin Nina instead. Finally, Corrina and Irish lad Andy Foster ended their brief relationship after she informed him she’s a virgin and saving herself for marriage. Dated And Related fans mostly respected Corinna’s religious views and forthrightness. Here’s everything fans need to know about Corrina, including her job, age, Instagram, TikTok, religion and more.

Joey & Corrina From Dated And Related Have Close Brother-Sister Bond

Joey and Corrina Roppo’s brother-sister bond is not just for the cameras on Dated And Related. The siblings are close in real life, too (Instagram).

Dated And Related‘s Corrina’s Job, Age & Religion

Corrina Roppo previously worked as a music teacher and is now pursuing a career as an actress and vocal musician. Corrina is a talented singer who loves the R&B genre. She released her first single Body Heat early in 2021, and she’s currently working on co-writing her first album with her brother. Corrina and Joey even have a band name, calling themselves The Roppos. Joey plays guitar for his sister’s songs she sings.

Corrina, age 24, is five year younger than Joey, who’s 29 years-old. The sister-brother duo are devout Christians and spend a lot of time together. Fans can check out more of Corrina singing on her Instagram. Corrina also loves to dance, often dancing alongside her brother.

Corrina’s Relationship Status Is Single Per Her Instagram, TikTok Accounts

Corrina relationship status remains single after Dated And Related, unless she just hasn’t made it Instagram official. However, she has been getting close to co-star Jersey boy Chris Hahn lately in LA.

Corrina’s Instagram promotes her singing and acting career. It also reveals that she spends a lot of family time with Joey. Corrina also uses TikTok to promote her singing career. Fans wanting to get a shoutout from Corrina can request a video on her Cameo where she charges $50 USD.

Corrina also sticks to a strict workout routine alongside her brother Joey.

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