Love Is Blind: Meet Tiffany’s Friends From Season 4

Love Is Blind: Meet Tiffany's Friends From Season 4

When Bougie Brett Brown met Tiffany Pennywell’s friend group on Love Is Blind Season 4, he absolutely rocked it. Tiffany’s friends were a nice change from Micah’s real-life mean girl friends Shelby and Micayla. Brett’s heartfelt declarations of love for Tiffany and desire to support her had everyone in happy tears. It was a great demonstration of why Brett and Tiffany are the alpha couple this season and a true “awww” moment. Even if Brett has his detractors for seeming checked out at times, impressing these ladies was an undeniable win for him. But who are the four members of Tiff’s squad, who would go on a trip with her to Disney World? Here’s everything fans need to know about Tiffany’s friends from Love Is Blind season 4.

Love Is Blind: Who Are Tiffany’s Friends On The Show? Jen & Christy

Tiffany's friends Jennifer and Christy from Love Is Blind season 4

Tiffany’s friends Jennifer and Christy from Love Is Blind season 4 (Netflix).

Of the four women, Christy Goulet spent the most time praising Tiffany and Brett. She turned 33 in July 2022, according to Christy’s Instagram, and is the proud mom to Ava Rose. Christy loves the beach, concerts, the lake, mountain climbing, and road-tripping around to catch some sun. Additionally, outspoken Christy loves the gym and posting her fitness gains. When she’s not having drinks out with her girls, she enjoys posting pictures of delicious dinners. She seems to be the biggest fan of showing skin in bathing suits and is a devout Lakers fan. Christy has two brothers and is also close to her mom and dad as she and little Ava hang out with them frequently. Christy’s LinkedIn shows that she is Tiff’s work bestie at Amazon, working as an Executive Assistant.

Tiffany's good friend Christy

Tiffany’s good friend Christy (Instagram).

Additionally, Jennifer “Jen” Rincon also appears to be Tiffany’s co-worker at Amazon, if Jen’s LinkedIn is to be believed. Jen is a recruiter for Amazon’s famous procurement managers. Jen is happily married to her husband Jay and like Tiffany is a huge Beyonce stan. One of Jen’s proudest moments was captured on Jennifer’s Instagram when she helped her family open their Guadalajara restaurant. Based on the uniform her dear dad Armando is wearing, it’s Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant, which is unfortunately closed.  Obviously, Jen loves baseball and football, and is a devoted Dodgers, Rams and Seahawks fan. She gets very excited for her friends’ weddings, which means we should her to be overjoyed for Tiffany’s big day.

Tiffany's good friend Jennifer

Tiffany’s good friend Jennifer (Instagram).

Love Is Blind: Who Are Tiffany’s Friends On The Show? Bre & Janae

Tiffany's friend Bre from Love Is Blind season 4

Tiffany’s friend Bre from Love Is Blind season 4 (Netflix).

Dr. Breana “Bre” L. Taylor is a neurologist and an MD at the University of Washington’s Stroke Clinic. Dr. Bre’s IG is privated but we can tell from posts featuring her from other members of this crew that her birthday is in August. According to her profile, she is originally from Chicago and maintains a busy schedule of teaching and tending to stroke patients. She attends dance events, will tour wineries occasionally, and shares her friend group’s love of live music.

Tiffany with her friends who met Brett on Love Is Blind season 4

Tiffany with her friends who met Brett on Love Is Blind season 4 (Instagram).

Last but not least we have Janae Williams, who is an enthusiastic supporter of Brett and Tiffany making babies as quickly as possible. You can find a fun photo of Janae dressing as Janet Jackson (with Tiff as Carmen Sandiego and Bre as Beyonce) on Tiff’s IG. According to Janae’s LinkedIn, she’s a project co-ordinator at Altitude Inc. We do have an Instagram handle for Janae — @_Janae_ — but it appears deactivated, sadly.

We can’t wait to see these fabulous four support their girl at her wedding. Find out if Tiffany and Brett got married on Love Is Blind here.

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