Are Bartise And Izzy Still Together After Perfect Match

Are Bartise And Izzy Still Together After Perfect Match

Perfect Match‘s Bartise Bowden (Love Is Blind season 3) and Izzy Fairthorne (Too Hot To Handle) coupled up right near the end of the show. It looks like Izzy shacked up with Bartise to be in the running of Perfect Match‘s winning couple. But perhaps there was more to their relationship than clout chasing and lust. Either way, fans want to know are Bartise and Izzy still together after leaving Perfect Match‘s villa in Panama.

On Bartise’s part for picking Izzy at the end, it looks like he dumped Abbey Humphreys (Twentysomethings) after she wouldn’t sleep with him on the show. Bartise and Izzy already matched earlier in the show, after Izzy picked him, rejecting the advances of Nick Uhlenhuth (The Circle), after previously matching with Shayne Jansen (Love Is Blind). Bartise then dumped Izzy when he had the power, opting to date Ines Tazi (The Circle France). However, for some reason Bartise suddenly had a change of heart near the end of the show.

Are Bartise And Izzy Still Together After Perfect Match? Signs Point to Breakup

Bartise and Izzy making a fake life plan together on their first date on Perfect Match

Bartise and Izzy making a fake life plan together on their first date on Perfect Match (Netflix).

Bartise and Izzy look like another manufactured showmance couple on another reality TV show with signs it’s scripted and fake. On their first official date together near the end of the show, Bartise and Izzy covered a lot of ground to figure out if they were right for one another.

They had such deep conversations as Bartise saying, “I feel so connected to you. We’re physical, touching like this. It feels good. And talking is easy. You get me. I get you. And like that’s why we picked each other.”

He then proved how attentive he is of Izzy pointing out that she’s worn white several times.

Izzy, age 22, said, “Like for me, if we were genuinely to talk about each other, firstly, I saw you and I was like, ‘He’s fit.’ And right away her hit it off right off the bat.” She then asked Bartise when he would want kids.

“So I’m 26 now. And I would like to have kids by between 30 and 32.”

They then figured out they live opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean from each other. Bartise is based in Dallas, Texas, while Izzy lives in Manchester, UK. So if there relationship lasted it would be long-distance. But Bartise said he was willing to make the trip to the UK to see what their relationship could become.

However, Bartise confirmed he and Izzy “are still talking as friends” on Reality TV vlogger Zachary Reality’s podcast, confirming the Perfect Match couple broke up. Bartise also confirmed they still FaceTime every once and a while. “I think Izzy’s more my speed,” Bartise said while grinning and answering if he’d more likely get back with Izzy or ex fiancée Nancy Rodriguez.

Izzy’s Also Single & No Perfect Match Couples Are Still Together

Bartise also gave away breaking up with Izzy when filming Love Is Blind season 3’s After The Altar, where he said he was single. After the Altar filmed six months after Perfect Match. On the podcast, Bartise said Nancy came to his After The Altar after-party at his place even though she told him they could no longer be friends.

Izzy’s TikTok recently confirmed she’s single, too, now.


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Bartise also spilled the beans on how “no relationship was left standing” on Perfect Match. Fans can likely count on a Perfect Match reunion being announced by Netflix soon. Hopefully it will shed more light on how all the couples’ relationships ended.

In the meantime, Bartise is planning to host 20 lucky(!?) fans to travel with him in Costa Rica for a week at $2,255 per person.

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