Love Is Blind’s Nancy: Jobs, Age, IG, Relationship Status & More

Love Is Blind's Nancy: Jobs, Age, IG, Relationship Status & More

Fans are wanting so much better for Love Is Blind‘s Nancy Rodriguez after she gets played by Bartise Bowden. Many Netflix viewers found Nancy to be a brave feminist for telling her story about being an egg donor to potentially over a hundred children. The Love Is Blind season 3 star doesn’t look like she has a fairy tale ending with her fiancé Bartise after he blatantly tells Nancy how hot he thinks Raven Ross is. After that, it looks like Bartise carries on the charade of being in love with Nancy for a while yet. However, the previews suggest a relationship train wreck is imminent. On top of that, clout-chasing fake-tears crier Andrew Liu shows up in the picture after Nancy rejected him. Fans can only hope she doesn’t give the big braggart another chance. Whatever happens to her, here’s everything viewers need to know about fan-favorite Love Is Blind contestant Nancy Rodriguez.

Nancy Works As A Real Estate Investor Renting out Airbnb Properties & Speech Pathologist

Love is Blind's Nancy Doing Renos On Her Home Property

Love is Blind season 3’s Nancy fixing the insulation on one of her properties (Instagram).

Nancy Rodriguez graduated with her Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at San Francisco State University. On Love Is Blind season 3 Nancy’s job title is speech pathologist. It’s unclear if she’s still working in that field, but Nancy now demos and renos rental properties in Dallas, Texas, to rent as Airbnb stays. The real estate investor continues to show off her latest rental properties she’s spruced up. The self-described Mexicana Latina is making a serious go of her rental property business.

Nancy’s rental properties’ monthly incomes and her speech pathologist salary make her significant monthly income and ballooning net worth.

Nancy Fixing Up Her Latest Rental Property

Nancy fixing up a rental property she bought to rent as an Airbnb location (Instagram).

Nancy’s Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Instagram & TikTok

Love Is Blind's Nancy's Tattoo Everlasting Love On Instagram

Love Is Blind‘s Nancy’s tattoo “Everlasting Love” (Instagram).

Love Is Blind‘s Nancy’s Instagram reveals she loves to sunbathe in bikinis, hike, travel and dance. Fans can check out some of her moves on Nancy’s TikTok. Nancy is also close with her family, similar to her fiancé Bartise. She also has a tattoo across her waist that reads “everlasting love”.

Nancy's Birthday November 8 & Age 32

Nancy’s birthday is on November 8 and she is currently age 32 (Instagram).

Nancy celebrates her birthday on November 8 and she is currently 32 years-old. Nancy was age 31 when starring on Love Is Blind season 3 and she will turn 33 years-old near the end of 2022. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio, which explains her fiery passion. Nancy and Bartise have one of the biggest age gaps of any couple on Love Is Blind season 3.

Nancy’s Relationship Status With Bartise After Love Is Blind Season 3 Ended

Bartise & Nancy Break Up During Love Is Blind Season 3

Bartise & Nancy break up during Love Is Blind season 3 as the previews show (Netflix).

All sings point to Bartise treating Nancy like a doormat in their impromptu engagement in the Love Is Blind experiment. Bartise and Nancy’s recent IG posts don’t show either of them wearing wedding rings. The previews also show Andrew swooping in to try and woo Nancy once again, while she also talks about her unrequited love. Bartise also says that looks obviously matter, so it appears he’s as shallow as he acted in the first four episodes.

Fans will have to keep watching the latest batch of Love Is Blind season 3 episodes to find out where Nancy and Bartise’s relationship went. But it’s pretty clear these two didn’t stay together or get married at the end of the show. Here are signs Bartise says no to Nancy at the altar.

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