Does Bartise Say Yes On Love Is Blind: Signs Nancy Left At Altar

Does Bartise Say Yes On Love Is Blind: Signs Nancy Left At Altar

Fans are dying to know: does Bartise say yes on Love Is Blind season 3 to Nancy Rodriguez at the altar? The Netflix reality TV show left episode 10 on a cliffhanger ending where Bartise Bowden was asked if takes Nancy to be his wife after she already said “I do”. The couple has had a roller coaster ride together on the show ever since Bartise proposed to Nancy in the pods. And Bartise’s behavior generally made it pretty obvious this Love Is Blind couple isn’t staying together. But there are signs outside the show that strongly suggest Nancy gets rejected by Bartise at the altar Show Star News looked into.

Love Is Blind Couples Still Together Or Broken Up Season 3 (All Signs)

But first, a recap on how badly Bartise treated his fiancée Nancy on the show.

Signs From The Show Bartise Breaks Up With Nancy At Wedding On Love Is Blind Season 3

At a Malibu ranch Bartise saw his other love-interest Raven Ross for the first time. He drooled hard right in front of Nancy. He even tried to hit on Raven at a pool party. Then he told Nancy he thinks Raven is a “smoke show”. Once they moved in together in Dallas, Bartise made things worse. He repeatedly showed Nancy he wasn’t attracted to her physically. The only thing that seemed to get him interested in Nancy was co-star Andrew Liu pursuing her, making him jealous. He also only seemed to get excited about the prospect of marrying her when finding out he would get to share Nancy’s real estate rental properties’ profits.

Nancy's Mom 'Eddy' Erendira Diaz Sizes Up Her Daughter's Fiance Bartise

Love Is Blind star Nancy’s Mom ‘Eddy’ Erendira Diaz sizes up her daughter’s fiance Bartise (Netflix).

To put further strain on their rushed relationship before wedding day, Nancy & Bartise’s families were skeptical of the person they chose being a right fit. Nancy’s mom and brothers could see Bartise was overcompensating with his bravado. Nancy’s views on abortion disturbed Bartise’s dad, mom and sister. She told his religious family that abortion is preferable to having a baby with a serious birth defect. Until the last couple weeks before the wedding he continued to get hung up on thinking about superficial looks.

If all this wasn’t enough to know he says “no, I do not” to Nancy, here are signs after the show that the couple don’t get married.

Love Is Blind Star Bartise Doesn’t Follow Nancy’s Mom or Brother on Instagram

Bad boy Bartise’s Instagram reveals he doesn’t follow Nancy’s mom Erendira Diaz or brother Steve Rodriguez on Instagram. If Bartise married Nancy he would almost certainly follow Nancy’s family members on Instagram, where he’s heavily active.

On top of that, Nancy’s Instagram doesn’t follow he reality TV fiancé’s sister Amalia either.

It looks like Bartise and Nancy making it to the altar was another scripted storyline charade of Love Is Blind.

They Aren’t Wearing The Permanent Bracelets & Wedding Rings From Show

Nancy & Bartise Get Permanent Bracelets on Love Is Blind Season 3

Nancy & Bartise get permanent bracelets on Love Is Blind season 3 (Netflix).

Episode 9 of Love is Blind season 3 started off with Bartise surprising Nancy. The couple got matching permanent bracelets put on their wrists. However, recent pictures on both of the reality TV stars’ Instagram accounts show the bracelets were impermanent.

Further jewelry evidence the couple split is the lack of a wedding ring on their fingers.

Another sign Bartise and Nancy split on their wedding day: they don’t post pictures together. Nancy and Bartise’s IG accounts recent pictures don’t include their significant other from the show. Other cast members from the show are expressing their love and affection for their partner.

Finally, a Texan superfan checked the Dallas County records and found out which Love Is Blind season 3 couples got married, and Bartise and Nancy didn’t have a marriage license.

It looks like Bartise’s immaturity got in the way of him and Nancy proving love is blind. The two had one of the biggest Love Is Blind season 3 age gaps of any couple.

However, there’s still a distinct possibility bad boy Bartise says yes at the altar and then him and Nancy broke up on the finale or before the reunion episode. We’ll have to wait until November 9 to find out.

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