Love Is Blind’s Bartise: Age, Birthday, Analyst Job, IG, TikTok, More

Love Is Blind's Bartise: Age, Birthday, Analyst Job, IG, TikTok, More

Love Is Blind‘s Bartise Bowden started off on the right foot with fans, even getting sympathy after Raven Ross did jumping jacks while he shared the trauma of his parents’ divorce. However, fans quickly turned to dragging Bartise after the cast left the pods. Bartise went gaga for Raven’s looks when they finally saw each other in person. He even told his fiancée Nancy Rodriguez how sexy he thought Raven was! “Okay, [Raven’s] a [bleeping] smoke show,” Bartise told a dejected Nancy while they were in bed together. So who’s Love Is Blind season 3‘s bad boy Bartise Bowden? Here’s everything fans need to know about Bartise, including his age, birthday, job, zodiac sign, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and more.

Love Is Blind‘s Bartise’s Job, TikTok, Instagram & Twitter

Love Is Blind's Bartise Working Out At The Gym

Bartise Bowden working out in the gym in a video (Instagram).

Bartise Bowden graduated from the University of Texas, based in Dallas, in 2017 for studies in finance and accounting. He currently works as a financial risk analyst for a healthcare advisory firm called VMG Health, according to his LinkedIn. His job title is Senior Analyst and is based in Dallas, Texas. He previously worked for global accounting firm KPMG as an accountant and also was a tutor for accounting students. Bartise’s salary doesn’t quite compare to Nancy’s speech pathologist salary and rental property portfolio.

Love Is Blind Season 3's Bartise Graduating In 2017

Love Is Blind season 3’s Bartise graduating from the University of Texas in 2017 (Instagram).

But Bartise doesn’t just work hard, he also plays hard. Bartise’s Instagram shows he likes to party when he isn’t hitting the gym for workouts or spending time with family. He’s very close with his younger sister, Amali.

Love Is Blind's Bartise Bowden With Family

Love Is Blind‘s Bartise Bowden with his younger sister, dad and possibly his mom (Instagram).

Love Is Blind Season 3's Bartise Drinking At A Pool Party

Love Is Blind season 3’s Bartise Bowden partying (Instagram).

Bartise’s TikTok includes some of his fitness routine and funny joke videos about the show, too. Bartise’s Twitter isn’t as active as it used to be several years ago, but he still goes on it.

Bartise also set up a Cameo account to make video shoutouts for Love Is Blind fans for $50 a video.

Bartise’s bro talk from the show when talking about Raven, along with his cigar smoking, looks and playboy persona have some fans comparing him to infamous internet bad boy Andrew Tate. However, fans will have to wait and see how Bartise behaves in the next batch of episodes set to drop Wednesday, October 26.

Love Is Blind‘s Bartise’s Birthday, Age & Zodiac Sign

Love Is Blind's Bartise Celebrating His 25th Birthday With Family

Bartise Bowden’s birthday is on July 16. his birthday makes him the zodiac sign Cancer, which explains his self-protective nature and why he retreated from pursuing Raven after she hurt his feelings. Bartise was age 25 on the show, but he’s now 27 years-old. Bartise and Nancy have one of the biggest age gaps of any couple on Love Is Blind season 3.

Love Is Blind's Bartise Celebrating His Birthday With His Sister

Love Is Blind‘s Bartise celebrating his July 16 birthday with his younger sister Mali (Instagram).

Love Is Blind‘s Bartise’s Relationship Status With Fiance Nancy After Show

Bartise & Nancy Break Up During Love Is Blind Season 3

Bartise & Nancy break up during Love Is Blind season 3 as the previews make pretty evident (Netflix).

The preview for future episodes shows Nancy crying and distraught, meanwhile Bartise is telling Raven how they look like the perfect couple together. He also yells that looks do matter. So much for love being blind in the case of Bartise and Nancy’s romance. It’s pretty safe to say these two will not be getting married or are still together after Love Is Blind season 3 filmed.

“I think that it sucks that someone I love so much doesn’t love me,” says Nancy in a preview for upcoming episodes to Andrew Liu. Andrew tries to take another shot at love with Nancy later in the season after Bartise treats her like dirt. But, apparently Nancy is just as superficial with looks that she stays with Bartise. Meanwhile, Raven warms up to SK and the two begin to build a physical connection. Bartise fails to break up the engagement of SK and Raven, but he tried his best at the pool. It’s all a bit rich, though, when he acts possessive of Nancy when Andrew Liu pursues her again.

Meanwhile, here are all the signs Bartise says no at the altar to Nancy.

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