Below Deck Season 10 Cast: All About The New Crew & IGs

Below Deck Season 10 Cast: All About The New Crew & IGs

Bravo released the Below Deck season 10 trailer at BravoCon 2022 on October 14 to much fanfare. The preview teases a lot of drama and reveals that Captain Lee Rosbach returns. On top of that, Chef Rachel Hargrove is back, despite now quitting the show and dropping out of BravoCon. Below Deck season 9‘s Second Stew Fraser Olender is also abord new superyacht St David. However, this time around he’s Chief Steward. The rest of the crew are all new, a welcome fresh start after a disastrously boring previous season. Here’s everything fans need to know about the Below Deck season 10 cast before it premieres on Bravo Monday, November 21 at 8 PM EST.

Meet The New Below Deck Season 10 Bosun Ross McHarg

Bosun Ross McHarg's Instagram

Below Deck season 10 Bosun Ross McHarg enjoying a drink while traveling (Instagram).

New Bosun Ross McHarg may give Below Deck Sailing Yacht‘s Gary King a run for his money as the biggest ladies’ man of the series. Bravo hints that his romantic dalliances on the boat get him into “hot water” and the trailer also shows him getting hot and heavy with a co-star.

Ross’ Instagram doesn’t have a lot of posts, but shows he loves to travel to countries like Mexico, Costa Rica and Indonesia. He currently has his home base in Asia, and is from the UK, but the Brit has traveled the world over the past 15 years, according to Bravo. Ross switched working as a ski instructor in Europe to working as a yachtie deckhand 12 years ago. He’s since rose through the ranks to bosun. The outgoing yachtie’s flirty ways will get him into trouble on Below Deck season 10. “A week with no sex for me is really hard,” Ross says in the trailer. The Harry Styles lookalike appears to make out/hook up with two to three of the female crew members.

Despite his player reputation, it looks like Ross is now in a committed relationship since starring on Below Deck season 10. He’s been traveling with a 3rd year psychology student and yoga instructor named Miki. Ross’ apparent girlfriend has also been posting pictures of the couple on Instagram.

According to a friend of Ross on Facebook, he turned age 29 on his birthday of March 12 in 2013. That would make Ross 38 years-old now, and age 37 at the time of filming Below Deck season 10 in Saint Lucia in the summer of 2021. However, his actual age hasn’t been disclosed, but he’s definitely in his 30s.

Below Deck Season 10 Bosun Ross & girlfriend Miki

Bosun Ross McHarg appears to have a girlfriend, Mikim since filming Below Deck season 10 (Instagram).

Meet Below Deck Season 10 New Deckhands Tony, Katie & Ben

Bosun Ross will be in charge of an all-new deck team. Superyacht St David’s deckhands include Ben Willoughby, Tony Duarte, and Katie Glaser.

Deckhand Katie Glaser Enjoys Yachting

Below Deck season 10 Deckhand Katie Glaser enjoying the yachting life (Instagram).

Katie’s Instagram reveals she likes to spend most of her time in bikinis on the beach. She loves snorkeling, swimming and wakeboarding. The beach-blonde bombshell isn’t just another pretty face, though. She also works as a yacht broker, making the big buck. Katie’s birthday according to her Facebook profile is October 13. She just turned age 31, and was 29 years-old while starring on the show.

Katie moved from Colorado to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in order to get into the yachting industry, according to Bravo. Before yachting, Katie worked in beverage sales, IT recruitment and account management. She also previously worked as a deckhand and first mate on various other superyachts. She also appears to be one of the ladies who falls under Ross’ spell.

Below Deck Season 10 Deckhand Tony Duarte

Below Deck season 10 Deckhand Tony Duarte gained 5 kilograms of muscle at the end of 2021 (Instagram).

Deckhand Tony Duarte’s full name is actually Luis Anthony Duarte. Bravo describes Tony as an “adrenaline junkie” who worked as a dive master in South Africa, a guide for whale-watching in Costa Rica, his home country, and zip-liner in the Bahamas. He also likes to do cliff jumping, surfing, skateboarding and fishing in his spare time. St David is the first superyacht Tony has worked on in his sailing career, which may make his job difficult on the show.

Tony’s Instagram shows him traveling all over the world and really getting into working out religiously in the past year since being on the show. He’s also the cast member that is stuck on the bottom bunk in a cabin where to crew members are hooking up above him in the show’s preview.

Below Deck Season 10 Deckhand Ben Willoughby

Below Deck season 10 Deckhand Ben Willoughby showing off his bodybuilder physique (Instagram).

Deckhand Ben Willoughby is also a world traveler, touring Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, France, Italy, Panama, Costa Rica and more. The Australian got into yachting in 2020 and worked on previous superyachts as a deckhand and personal trainer. He’s also into extreme activities and sports. Skydiving, surfing, water polo, rugby, and scuba diving are just a few of Ben’s hobbies. Ben is currently single and age 27, according to Facebook. His birthday is April 6, which means he was age 26 while on the show.

Ben’s Instagram shows he loves to spend time by the water. Ben’s a very social and outgoing guy too, according to Bravo. He and co-star Camille Lamb also have a hot and heavy boatmance according the preview.

Below Deck Season 10’s Stew/Deckhand Camille Lamb

Below Deck Season 10 Stew/Deckhand Camille Lamb

Below Deck season 10 Stew/Deckhand Camille Lamb takes on a unique hybrid role this charter season (Instagram).

The Below Deck season 10 cast also includes a first, a crew member whose duties are split between the deck and interior. Camille Lamb had a big reality TV year in 2021. Not only did she star in the latest installment of Below Deck, but she also competed in American Idol.

Camille, originally from Pass Christian, Mississippi, has sailing experience since she was 9. However, she she only got into yachting last year when she got a job doing day-charters in the Virgin Islands. It will be interesting to see how she performs in her mixed role helping the deck and interior teams. Despite her lack of formal experience, seafaring is in her blood. She’s a 5th generation sailor.

Camille’s Instagram includes a lot of her performing her singing and playing guitar. Her birthday, according to her Facebook profile, is in the middle of June and she’s either age 22 or 23.

Meet Below Deck Season 10 Stewardesses Hayley & Alissa

Below Deck Season 10 Stew Hayley

Below Deck season 10 Stew Hayley De Sola Pinto in her uniform (Instagram).

Red-head Hayley De Sola Pinto is from Cornwall, UK, according to Bravo. Hayley’s an aesthetician who owns her own business, Classen Aesthetics. Apparently her “loud and over-the-top personality” clashes with some of the other crew members.

Hayley’s Instagram shows she loves to party, travel and be out on the open water. Hayley’s birthday is March 11 and she’s currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, according to Facebook.

Apparently Chief Stew Fraser has a tough time with keeping his interior team getting along. The other part of that equation is Alissa Humber. Alissa was born and raised in Florida, and currently lives in Miami. According to Bravo, Alissa loves shopping, kayaking and hiking. The reality TV network’s bio on Alissa also says she gets into drama with another stew. She may also have some conflict with Katie because they both fool around with Ross.

Alissa’s Instagram shows she also enjoys to spend a lot of her spare time on the beach.

Below Deck Season 10 Returning Cast: Captain Lee, Chef Rachel & Fraser

Chief Steward Fraser Olender’s Instagram shows he has continued his luxurious lifestyle. He also worked as a chief stew on another superyacht since working as second stew on Below Deck season 9. It looks like Fraser may also quit or get fired from Below Deck season 10. Most of the Below Deck season 10 cast follow another chief stew, Leigh-Ann.

Fans can find out what happened to the rest of the Below Deck season 9 cast here.

Although Captain Lee returns for Below Deck season 10, it’s pretty obvious from the Below Deck season 10 preview he won’t last the season. He’s had a lot of health issues over the past few years. A fan posted on Below Deck‘s Reddit page social media posts of Captain Sandy on superyacht St David and in Saint Lucia. Captain Lee’s Instagram shows that he’s been doing well since, however. He’s still living a great life with his wife in Fort Lauderdale and still sees his favorite yachtie Kate Chastain from time to time. Fraser and Captain Lee both attended BravoCon 2022 in New York City in the middle of October.

Noticeably absent from BravoCon was Chef Rachel. The trailer makes it look like she has some trouble impressing the charter guests with her food this season. Earlier this year Rachel trashed Bravo and Below Deck, saying she never really liked the show to begin with. Perhaps she could be replaced, too, this season, which could mean all three original cast members not make it until the end of the charter season!

Chef Rachel Quits Below Deck & Bravocon After Fight With Bravo Celeb & Publicist

Either way, Chef Rachel’s Instagram shows she’s still living her best life as a five-star chef working on superyachts and for rich private clients.

Fans will have to tune into Bravo on Monday, November 21 at 8 PM EST to find out more about the Below Deck season 10 cast.

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