Love Is Blind Couples’ Age Gaps Explained From Season 3

Love Is Blind Age Gaps Of Couples Explained From Season 3

Netflix’s revolutionary reality TV marriage show Love Is Blind tests whether or not looks matter, but it doesn’t stop people from discriminating by age. The Love Is Blind age gaps of some of the couples on season 3 plays a big part in the conflict of some of the relationships. However, Alexa’s dad Adam Alfia (51) and stepmom Morgan (33) prove that age can just be a number. They have an age gap of 18 years! However, for a lot of couples a major age gap can run them into trouble. Love Is Blind season 2 couple Danielle Ruhl (age 29) and Nick Thompson (age 36) fell madly in love and ignored issues in their relationship, some caused by Danielle’s immaturity. The couple, with an age gap of seven years,  are getting divorced.

However, Indian Matchmaking star and professional matchmaker Sima Taparia it matters a lot more when the man is younger in the relationship because men tend to take longer to emotionally mature. Her philosophy on age gaps may be proven true on Love Is Blind season 3.

The Love Is Blind couples’ age gaps of the season 3 cast help explain the relationship dynamics at play, partly explaining why some couples are running into conflict before heading to the altar.

Age Gap Of Each Couple On Love Is Blind Season 3

We’ll start with the biggest Love Is Blind couples’ age gaps where the women were older. They also just so happen to be the biggest train wrecks on the show, too. Coincidence? We’ll let you decide.

Bartise & Nancy's Age Gap On Love Is Blind Season 3

Bartise Bowden‘s lack of life experience compared to his fiancee Nancy Rodriguez obviously affected their relationship outside the pods. Bartie, age 25 on the show, tried to chase after “smoke show” Raven Ross in Malibu. He also thought it was fine to tell his fiancée he thought Raven was hotter than her. Bartise told Nancy he was not physically attracted to her. Nancy, age 31 on the show, was certainly patient with her younger man. Bartise and Nancy’s age gap is five years and eight months. 27-year-old Bartise’s birthday is on July 16, while 32-year-old Nancy celebrates her birthday soon on November 8.

Real estate business owner Cole Barnett and former flight attendant Zanab Jaffrey‘s age difference is similarly significant. Their age gap also definitely caused friction in their relationship. From Cole not having the emotional maturity to stop himself from telling his fiancée he thinks Colleen Reed and Raven are hotter than her, to hitting on Colleen at the pool party, to his filthy apartment, to his lack of basic cooking skills and trying to play with a nerf gun while making dinner, to calling Zanab “bi-polar”, Cole’s immaturity constantly reared its ugly head.

27-year-old Cole and 32-year-old Zanab’s age gap is five years and two months. Cole’s birthday is April 23rd, while Zanab’s birthday is March 30th. Maybe Zanab needs to speak with Sima for some dating and relationship advice.

Raven and SK (Sikiru) Alagbada also have a large age gap. But their age difference didn’t seem to affect their relationship as much. Raven was age 27 on the show and is now 29. SK was 34 years-old while filming the show and just turned 36 on November 3. Raven and SK’s age gap is six years and six months because Raven’s birthday is on April 12. Fans can find out how fans reacted to Raven and SK’s wedding day on episode 10 here.

Matt Bolton and Colleen certainly had their issues in their relationship. But age difference doesn’t really factor into their relationship. However, Matt’s previous relationship that ended in his high-school sweetheart cheating on him and getting pregnant with other man’s baby has left him with major trust and jealousy issues. Meanwhile, Colleen lacks real relationship experience. Matt and Colleen’s age gap is around three years. Colleen just turned age 27 on October 28 and was 25 on the show. Matt was age 28 on the show and is either 29 or 30 now (he doesn’t have his birthday public).

Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux‘s age gap is actually wider than Love Is Blind season 3 portrayed it. The show claims Alexa was 29 on the show, but she was actually 27. She turned age 29 in 2022 on her September 28th birthday. Meanwhile, Brennon’s birthday isn’t public, but he was age 30 on the show and is now 32. That means they have about a three-and-a-half year age gap between them.

Now that the Love Is Blind couples’ age gaps are clear, it helps add some more context on the relationship dynamics at play on season 3.

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