Love Is Blind’s Cole: Real Estate Job, IG, Dog, TikTok, More

.Love Is Blind's Cole: Real Estate Job, IG, Dog, TikTok, More

Love Is Blind‘s Cole Barnett impressed viewers at the beginning for his energetic, witty banter and good looks. However, fans soon turned on the Love Is Blind season 3 star when after the cast left the pods. Cole turned into a jerk to his beautiful “Kim Kardashian” lookalike flight attendant fiancée Zanab Jaffrey. On their romantic getaway in Malibu, Cole caused an infamous pool scene by flirting and hitting on Colleen Reed. Fans are now dragging Cole and Colleen for shamelessly hitting on each other and then lying to their partners about what happened.

Cole told everyone who would listen, including Alexa Alfia, Zanab wasn’t his type. He even told Zanab pointblank he’s more attracted to Colleen and that both Raven Ross and the ballerina are a “tens”, while he misogynistically rated his own fiancée below them at a nine. Obviously their relationship took a turbulent turn after his callous bluntness. But the preview after episode 7 indicates Cole and Zanab still make it to the altar. Here’s everything fans need to know about Love Is Blind’s Cole Barnett. (No, he isn’t brothers or related to Love Is Blind season 1’s Matt Barnett, husband to Amber.)

Cole’s Real Estate Company Job, Instagram, YouTube & TikTok

A House Love Is Blind's Cole Renovated & Flipped With His Real Estate Business

A home Love Is Blind‘s Cole renovated and flipped to sell as part of his real estate business (Instagram).

Sales is the perfect kind of job for someone with Cole’s slick charisma. Cole worked as an acquisition manager for JZ Home Buyers in Dallas before starting his own real estate company/brokerage in 2019 called Bdellium Real Estate. He currently sells and flips homes in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Cole’s LinkedIn also shows he studied the Christian religion at The King’s University in Southlake, Texas.

“I work in real estate. I’m an agent, but I also flip houses. So I’m basically a mogul [sarcastic voice] you know,” Cole told Zanab on their first date in the pods.

Cole’s Instagram also reveals he’s an outdoorsman. He loves paddle boarding, camping, fishing, mountain climbing and goofing around with friends by bonfires. Fishing is a major passion for Cole. He once caught a large fish with his bare hands on video and also made his dad a dock on his pond to fish from. Cole’s wild side is also shown in his IG, with one video showing his friends shooting fireworks at another friend. He’s also a fan of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and star player Luka Doncic (who he kinds of looks like). Cole like to travel, too, hiking in places like Colorado and Colombia.

Love Is Blind's Cole Showing Off His Fishing Catch

Love Is Blind star and Texas woodsman Cole Barnett shows off a big fish he caught (Instagram).

Cole’s TikTok also gives a window into his life working in real estate and adventures in the wild. The Love Is Blind star also likes playing poker, according to his Facebook profile.

Love Is Blind‘s Cole’s Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign & Pet Dog

Love is Blind Star Cole's April 23rd Birthday Celebration

Love Is Blind season 3 star Cole Barnett celebrates his 27th birthday on April 23, which makes him a Taurus (Instagram).

Netflix reality TV star Cole Barnett’s birthday is on April 23, and he turned 27 years-old in the spring of 2022. That make Cole’s zodiac sign Taurus, which explains his hardworking entrepreneurial spirit and ability to make a good living. Cole and 32-year-old Zanab’s age gap is over five years.

Love Is Blind's Cole's Golden Retriever Pet Puppy Dog Kovu

Love Is Blind‘s Cole’s Golden Retriever pet puppy dog Kovu (Instagram).

Cole’s best friend and adorable Golden Retriever puppy dog hasn’t made an appearance on Love Is Blind season 3, but is a big part of his life. He takes his dog on paddleboard trips to the lake and hikes. Although he called his boy Kovu a “golden”, his dog’s curly hair suggests he’s a Goldendoodle (a mix of a Golden Retriever and Poodle).

Cole Carrying His Pet Dog Kovu On His Paddleboard

Love Is Blind season 3’s Cole Barnett holds his Goldendoodle pet dog Kovu (Instagram).

Cole’s Relationship Status With Zanab After Love Is Blind Season 3 Ended

Are Zanab & Cole Still Together After Love Is Blind Season 3

Love Is Blind season 3 fans suspect Cole and Zanab broke up on their wedding day on the show (Netflix).

Fans didn’t expect Zanab and Cole to stay together. He told his wife-to-be he thought other Love Is Blind season 3 ladies were hotter than her. Yet, previews show Zanab and Cole make it to the altar on their wedding day. It’s unclear if Cole’s parents and family, who have a Baptist religious background and didn’t agree with the experiment, ended up agreeing to meet Zanab and attend the wedding. Through episodes 5 to 7 Cole lets Zanab and her adopted mom know his parents don’t approve of him going on reality TV show and rushing to marriage.

However, the latest preview shows Zanab and Cole at the altar on their wedding day. Cole and Zanab toyed with fans by posting affectionate couple posts of each other, too. However, recent social media posts suggest Cole’s dating a new girlfriend. Unless this new girl in Cole’s life is just a friend, it looks like he broke up with Zanab.

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