Jewish Matchmaking’s Noah Dreyfuss: Everything To Know

Jewish Matchmaking's Noah Dreyfuss: Everything To Know

One of two Noahs on Jewish MatchmakingNoah Dreyfuss showed that you can find Jews of any kind, anywhere. Residing in remote Jackson Hole, Wyoming, mountain man Noah maintains a solitary religious lifestyle. On the show we learn that he trucks in Kosher food from Denver, some eight hours away, and prays over Zoom. Noah tells viewers that he has swung back and forth between being deeply religious and less so. He also has been previously married at a young age and has a young son who lives in Israel. While Noah seems like a good dude on camera, he obviously has trouble connecting with other Jews. It seems like he has had a few painful experiences too that the show didn’t delve into. Can we find anything else out about Noah? Here is Jewish Matchmaking‘s Noah Dreyfuss: Everything To Know.

 Jewish Matchmaking‘s Noah Dreyfuss: A Man Of Few Words

Noah's husky dog

Noah’s husky dog (Instagram).

First of all, Noah’s IG makes it clear that he’s no longer isolating himself in the snowy mountains. He’s now settled in Denver, where he has a much better chance of finding love and some Kosher food. Noah seems to genuinely love the outdoors, nature, his husky Max, architecture, and the odd electronica concert (and his favorite ban Phish, of course). His Instagram is free of witty comments and he has very few followers (only 470) which makes it clear that Noah is not in this for clout. Indeed, in a set of IG stories, Noah directly calls out people who go on Netflix reality shows for clout, although he doesn’t reference any of the other participants. However he was tagged by Dani Bergman and Nakysha Osadchey, as well as matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom.

Noah on one of his many hikes

Noah on one of his many hikes (Instagram).

36-year-old Noah does talk about asking the Jewish Matchmaking staff to respect certain boundaries he has. It’s not hard to figure out that he’s talking about his ex-wife and son, who has already turned 13 by this point and had his Bar Mitzvah. But we have no pictures of Noah’s son or ex-wife. A few Instagram commenters have noticed this and want to know why Noah’s ex-wife seems responsible for raising his son. One thing Noah does want to talk about is his financial company, Dreyfuss Capital Management. Noah is a registered investment advisor focused on helping people find the financial path to finding their goals. He also is a fan of the classic jam band Phish, which has a longtime following in Jewish communities across the country.

 Jewish Matchmaking‘s Noah Dreyfuss: Noah’s Failed Dates

Aleeza is still trying to help Noah find his special someone

Aleeza is still trying to help Noah find his special someone (Instagram).

We’d love to wonder if Noah is dating or not, but he shoots that down pretty quickly in his IG stories. No, Noah is not with anyone, as he makes quite clear. However, he has nothing but praise for Aleeza and the Jewish Matchmaking team. It’s a shame because Noah did have a connection with Ophir Gross, who accepted him for who he was. Although Noah’s arc ended with them feeling hopeful, the distance might have been too much for them. Ophir’s Arizona base may have been too out of the way for him, or Noah’s guardedness may have thrown her off. It certainly felt a lot better than Noah’s date with Eliana Stepansky, which just looked uncomfortable. No one seemed to be responsible for Eliana and Noah not clicking, it just looked like they didn’t match with each other at all.

No one needs to force Noah to open up or compromise, but he’ll have to move past his past. Luckily, he’s still in contact with Aleeza and has some new friends after the show. Let’s hope that he can finally find his bashert.

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