Jewish Matchmaking’s Dani: Everything To Know About Her

Jewish Matchmaking's Dani: Everything To Know About Her

Miami’s Dani Bergman was the star of the early episodes of Jewish Matchmaking, with her perfect eyebrows co-starring. Balancing two guys while refusing to be disrespected, Dani did pick up some detractors who complained about her being self-absorbed. However, Dani absolutely silenced her critics by nuking David Behar from orbit after he refused to take the hint. David blamed the Jewish day of rest for missing Dani’s birthday and then asked for a pre-Shabbat hook-up after Dani told him they were done. Honestly, it’s surprising that David walked away from that one. Dani’s status with her other onscreen prospect, longhaired, immaculately browed snowboarder Shaun Civin is still up in the air. Dani and Shaun do follow each other, but we’ll have to wait for a confirmation, as per usual with these shows. While we wait, let’s unpack all the eyebrow-raising info about Jewish Matchmaking‘s Dani.

Jewish Matchmaking‘s Dani: Job, Instagram, Age, Birthday & More

Dani looking stunning in a green designer dress

Dani looking stunning in a green designer dress (Instagram).

As a managing director for marketing firm 1084 Media, Dani’s basically having the time of her life in paradise. We’ve seen how much she loves paddleboarding, partying, kitesurfing, the beach, and her newer home city of Miami, Florida. From Dani’s Instagram, we can see that she has one sister named Nikki. Dani has been a brand ambassador for athleisure brand CRU and their Wolfpack collection, and in one video she demonstrates her fancy boxing footwork. That makes sense since she was their director of marketing according to her LinkedIn. We can also see that she graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in psychology.

Jewish Matchmaking star Dani posing for a shot

Jewish Matchmaking star Dani posing for a shot (Instagram).

Dani’s also an entrepreneur, selling her handmade Hectic hats on Etsy.

A 28-year-old Dani celebrates her birthday on August 4, which makes her an ambitious and unfiltered Leo. Looking around on Facebook gives us a few details about her family. Mom Myrna Linz-Bergman has posted multiple times gushing about how proud she is of her superstar daughter. Myrna has even made a special pillow for Dani’s guest bedroom. Many of Dani and Myrna’s family members are based in South Africa, which Dani discusses on the show when she plays Jewish geography with Shaun. Myrna and her Ashkenazi princess Dani have been back to South Africa often, like when they travelled to Cape Town in 2015.

Jewish Matchmaking‘s Dani: Dani’s Many Friends

Dani with her gaggle of girl friends

Dani with her gaggle of girl friends (Instagram).

Most of the funniest moments on the show come when Dani is discussing her dating situation with her friends. These include her bestie Tori Block, a fitness instructor who specializes in yoga sculpting. Tori can be found posing in unlikely places and posting profound quotes. Then there’s Isabella Green, the founder of UpCycle Planet, where children cycle out into the community to reclaim wasted fruit and vegetables. Isabella is the one who drops the infamous “How big is his mezuzah?” quote from Episode 5 that has gone viral on the show. There’s also Dani’s attorney friend Raquel, who is perhaps the most avid snowboarder and skier of the group. Finally, there’s Ariella Rosenberg, who was married just over a month ago and whose bachelorette party in Scottsdale, Arizona was attended by Dani.

Weirdly, Dani still has a story from David that she has tagged, revealing that they went to Harbour Gourmet Kosher for a date. Hilariously, David calls her his “boo”. Better delete that post asap!

Given that Shaun lives in LA, he isn’t the biggest fan of Miami, the chance of true love is slim. But, Dani has found her way into the hearts of Netflix watchers around the world and perhaps her dream Jewish mensch, too. That or perhaps matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom is still working with Dani to find her perfect match.

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